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  1. Schmack

    Weekend Afternoon Games in the Playoffs

    I think you answered your own question. They draw the biggest national audience
  2. Schmack

    Add Name/Number to Jersey

    Thank you guys, I appreciate it!
  3. Schmack

    Add Name/Number to Jersey

    I want to add a name and number to a Home Red Jersey for the Wings I got and I was wondering if there is anyone specific that people have used and would recommend. I'm in the Kalamazoo, MI area on the west side of the state but anything would be beneficial as I do not know where to begin looking!! Thanks ahead of time
  4. Schmack

    Teams' third jerseys

    Probably because the Wings would easily draw the most fans to any arena regardless of where it is and it gives the most people an opportunity to see them? Could be any number of reasons. I think you look too much into it though.
  5. Schmack

    ASG Starter "to stay home" due to injury

    Correct, there is no double standard. It'd be as if Zetterberg was named to the All-Star team this year and decided on his own accord not to go, he'd be suspended. Why? Because he officially isn't injured even though he has an ailing back, he isn't officially announced with an injury with the team. Crosby has been stated to be injured and appeared on an injury report with the Penguins. Please understand the rules before you try to make an argument topic thread like this.
  6. Schmack

    Wings Negotiating w/ Nabokov

    What is everyones obsession with this kid? He was absolutely horrible while playing North American hockey. His movement laterally was horrible and he played even worse. I dont understand other than oversea stats why people think this kid will be back in a Wings jersey?
  7. Schmack

    Should we risk our future for an elite defenseman?

    The guy didnt ask for 'would they let him go' 'is it possible'. He just wants to know if that was the situation would you like to see it? I'd personally like the fact that the Red Wings build mainly from within their organization, I'd like to see the kids develop!
  8. Schmack

    New Blank Red Wings Jersey

    What type of business would one call to get a name and number, etc, put on a blank jersey? How much does it usually cost?
  9. Schmack


    I wonder if Canuck fans complain over and over again about Luongo playing all those games.. "When is Schneider going to get his chance, this is crazy, I'm tired of winning!" Just let them make the calls, its obviously worked for the 19th straight time. Its a job and things happen. Ozzie's time has come and past and it was a magnificent time here with Detroit. Howard is the future and hopefully a franchise goalie.
  10. Schmack

    Cleary Inquiry

    We just signed the guy to a multi-year contract last year. 5 years if I'm not mistaken. He is a great player and had a great playoff run the last 2 years. Don't jump on a 'get rid of him' thing just because he's had a bad season. Can't expect everyone to perform every year.
  11. Is he still with the team? No, therefore it didn't pan out and thus is a failure. Sign Zuccarello Aasen please, thanks.
  12. Schmack

    Patrick Eaves

    Nope he was just waived. Via TSN: "Earlier in the day the Bruins opened a spot in their defensive corps by trading Aaron Ward to the Carolina Hurricanes in exchange for forward Patrick Eaves who was later waived."
  13. Schmack

    Howard to backup next year

    Even though Jimmy I believe is 1-5 in the past 3-4 years making random appearances in the NHL. He kept the Wings in games long enough but their offense never stepped up. I believe his worst loss in the NHL was this past season 4-0 or 4-1. Keep in mind he is the only goalie to ever face a penalty shot in each of his first two career NHL games. That tells you how the players were playing in front of him. He doesn't hold a lot of NCAA records by a fluke. - Holds University of Maine school record for shutouts, goals against average and save percentage. (holds all three records for both single season and career.) - Holds NCAA records for GAA(1.19) and save percentage(.954) - 2003–04
  14. Schmack


    "Hey lets trade the future of our team and the current hope and only thing we have to look forward to this offseason for a washed up ugly guy that lets his anger issues get the best of him" Makes perfect sense.. This is by far the worst rumor ever created.. end thread
  15. Scratch off Kopecky (Garbage for $1M), I can for see them losing Lilja (trade or release) just because they have so much defensive depth. That frees almost another $1M. Keep in mind that they will be losing Conklin too (That is another $1M). They still have Howard on his initial contract so he is making minimum salary but he will count against the cap. Lebda brings a lot more speed and oppurtunity to the table than Lilja in the 3rd spot. Lilja is a solid D man but Lebda I think proved a lot to the brass that he can play 22mins or so and be effective (see Game 5 vs. Chicago) although he had a LOT of hiccups in Game 1 vs. Pittsburgh In a perfect world, Draper would have one more year, two MAX and Maltby would get replaced by another "skilled" bruiser and Kopecky runs away to Europe.