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  1. Pens v Wings

    I do think it could be us vs. the pens this yr but well have to wait and see. It is going to be tough but we can do it. At first I didnt want them to play against them if we do make it, but it would be nice if we could beat them 2 yrs in a row.
  2. who won?

    Anyone know if Carolina or Philadelphia one? Couldnt find it anywhere, thanks!
  3. CBS Disrespects Hockey

    well I just wanted to say that it sucks what they said but you shouldnt let it get to you. Its just a comment and everyone is going to say what they want, I dont like negativity I would just shrug it off and ignore it. No point in getting upset stupid comments shouldnt matter.
  4. Famous Red Wing Games?

    Yeah it would definitely have to be that huge fight in 1997. That was a classic!
  5. Avery comments & suspension

    And seriously if anyone else had said this we would not be here it would not have been the same outcome but it is what it is and he'll be back. I'm not saying that hes an outstanding citizen but thats who the guy is and hes not gonna change for anyone. He makes some bad calls but it gets people upset and thats what he likes. Hes just a goofy guy that is living his life how he wants too I dont see anything wrong with that. When I heard he was in a meeting with Gary Bettman for three hrs I laughed. What in the world would that solve? Gary Bettman is a loser that has no business being in no meeting.
  6. Avery comments & suspension

    I am certainly not hot and bothered by this at all. I feel this is getting too much attention and I think its dumb. He made an inappropriate comment at a hockey game, yes it wasnt the right time or place to say something like that but seriously people? Come on it was a dumb comment and thats how Avery talks he reminds me of someone hmm he pushes the boudaries and says whats on his mind thats who he is deal with it. Suspended 6 games seems way too harsh but then again I am a fan so I would say that. I dont know I like him and always will.
  7. Avery comments & suspension

    I dont comment too much on here anymore but I felt like I had to on this topic. I think its crazy how much attention this is getting. If you dont know by now thats what Avery does he likes to push the boundaries and likes to get under peoples skin. I am a fan of his and always will be no matter what anyone says. I think its a stupid thing to say but who cares its not like he swore or anything goodness it might not have been the appropriate time to say something like that at a hockey game but I dont think he should have gotten suspended. He says what he wants and thats why I like him. He goes too far sometimes which isnt always good but thats who he is and he dont change for no one. I like you Avery
  8. Something I've noticed..

    it flours me how all the time people complain about how were playing. Do you expect everything to be perfect? Seriously what do you want from them, to score 5000 goals or something in one game? Its not like you can win them all and I think we are doing a very good job, every game will have ups and downs you know hockey is a very difficult sport to play in my opinion the most difficult. Its easy to just say what their doing wrong but another thing to actually do it, do you guys play in the NHL? no because its too hard only the best of the best get in. Did you forget that we just won the Stanley Cup?Okay now my rant is over.
  9. Kirk Maltby

    some people in here keep talking about how we got to get rid of the old players and bring in the new players like Helm. Do you guys think were some losing team or something? EVERY person is a good contributor to the team, and Maltby still proves that he is a good player. Theirs some people on here that act like winning every single game is necessary when its not and thats not even possible. Have you forgotten that we just won the cup?
  10. Jiri Hudler

    I like Hudler and I think hes a good contributor to the game, you people are too hard on him
  11. This Is Too Good

    It seems pointless to me to argue about it, whats done is done, they are just acting like sore losers. They'll get over it by tomorrow
  12. Kirk Maltby

    Theirs no room for haters in the world, you people are close minded. I couldnt agree with you more Maltby has been my favorite and always will be.
  13. This Is Too Good

    and I have to admit their are too many penalities called a lot of times, but that definitely was a good call because their were too many men on the ice, if that call would have been made towards us, it would have sucked but I would have understood it, it was the right call.
  14. This Is Too Good

    yeah hockey fans are passionate thats for sure. Well saying that mccreary should die is a bit overboard but at least he didnt "assault" him like my dad did to a ref one time.
  15. What would be the best possible line-up?

    I still think no one is giving Hudler a chance but w/e, Yeah Kesler is a good hockey player but not a nice person at least from what I experienced, he needs to work on his manners.