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  2. Our Current Defense / What Holland Can Do *merged

    Detroit's defense will be so bad that the best thing that can happen for the Wings in 2012-2013 is that the year be another lockout. Which got me to thinking..... if the year is a lockout I wonder how much of Weber's $27 million will the Preds be liable for?????????????? Almost makes you think the Preds will vote FOR a lockout.... along with a few other teams regardless of what the players want.
  3. Bottom Six

    Forget about the bottom six..... I am more concerned about the top two..... defensemen. I am predicting right now that LIDSTROM will be back in uniform and on the ice for the Wings by January..... and I am not talking about the Alumni game. After 3 months of extra rest Lidstrom will be so bored he won't have any choice.....LOL. I think Lidstrom would enjoy playing just half a season. Besides, he will feel guilty for retiring and leaving the Wings in such a perilous state.
  4. Another option - Wait for 2013

    Maybe in January 2013 Lidstrom may decide to come back for 3 or 4 months. I am just thinking that a Shane Doan signing may be a regrettable 3 year signing..... and Wings sign him just because he is the next best available option. I think the Wings can deal with just one "transition" year versus forcing a two or three year transition by virtue of a second rate signing.
  5. Another option - Wait for 2013

    Instead of signing mediocre or second tier players to two year or more contracts maybe the Wings would best benefit from signing only one year contracts and waiting for the 2013 free agent class. Perry, Getzlaf, Morrow, Roy, Elias, Zajac, Visnovsky, Enstrom, Edler, Ryan Whitney, Timonen, Regher are just some of the players who may be available next year. Wings may also be better off if 2012-2013 were to be locked out. Even making trades may not be the wisest choice. And also could wait until the trade deadline to see what kind of team the Wings really have. Why waste cap space on a multi-year contract that they may regret next summer?
  6. If we fail to reload with top UFAs we should?

    Wings will be able to sign quality players but that is really not the problem..... whether they sign the top free agents or not. Everyone knows by now that defense and goaltending win championships. I hate to say it but without Lidstrom Wings will have to eventually upgrade their goaltending. Wings must now win like everyone else... with top notch goaltending. I was one of Howie's biggest supporters. Last year I was expecting Howie to improve his rebound control, but what I saw was that it actually got worse. The difference was the defense was so focused on getting to his rebounds first that they left the opposing skaters unchecked and open. You can't keep plugging holes. Either Howie improves his rebound control or Wings will have to upgrade. There is no Lidstrom to mend the mistakes and the shots will not be kept low like they have been in the past. Teams got very smart against Howie.... they learned to just throw the puck at the net and play for the rebound. So how the Wings do in 2012-2013 will not depend on which defensemen and forward they sign but rather rest on the shoulders of Jimmy Howard. And for Pete's sake spend some of that money to get a decent backup, one capable of assuming a number one role.
  7. #4 Nashville Predators vs. #3 Phoenix Coyotes

    ONE Nashville win against the Yotes. That tells you just how bad the Wings were. Very embarrassing for the Wings.
  8. #4 Nashville Predators vs. #3 Phoenix Coyotes

    The Yotes are beating the Preds with their speed.....great speed on all 4 lines. Boedker is as fast as Helm. When you can roll 4 lines with speed you can activate the defense and because of the speed you don't have to worry about getting back on defense.... especially with Smith in goal. And everyone thought Nashville was fast. That just goes to show you how slow Detroit really is..... especially when the Yotes do it for 60 minutes.
  9. Do we really need Suter?

    Obviously this will hinge on whether Lidstrom comes back. I think Lidstrom will come back because he is still very capable and it would be nice to see him in the big house. What I really would like to see is the Wings get Shea Weber next year (2013-2014) when he is a UFA pending on what kind of contract he signs this year as a RFA. I imagine Nashville will try to lock him up and to sign him for a long deal.... it will have to be for some big bucks or else he may want to test the market the following year. I was wondering if the head slam on Z precludes the Wings from wanting Weber.... although Z was not really injured. So if you think Nashville will tie up Weber then maybe you want to try to pry Suter AWAY. So in that case I would trade Quincey.... IMHO, Quincey is NOT worth 3 to 3.5 million dollars. Quincey has NOT impressed me at all..... he makes too many mistakes and has brain farts on the ice. Quincey is a RFA and the Wings can trade him. So if Lidstrom comes back you have Lidstrom/Suter (although he shoots left), Kronwall/Ericsson, White/Smith and Kindl as your backup. Ian White is still the only one who shoots right. Could use White and Suter on the PP.... and Nick and Nick.
  10. Who do you blame for this unsuccessfully playoff run

    It is not an accident that the young fast teams with great goaltending are leading the way. All GM's should have seen this coming when the hooking and holding was taken out of the game. It allowed the speedy players to have the biggest impact. Experience and skill are no longer hallmarks of the game. Goals scored are not mostly the pretty goals by skilled players in the playoffs. They are scrappy and rebound goals put in by great skaters who will go to the net. But it starts with great defense as well as goaltending and the defenders have to contribute to the scoring by picking up the rebounds. EVERY line on the team has to have speedy good skaters. Every skater, IMHO, has to be good enough to kill penalties if necessary, although, you can not expect your highly skilled 5 on 5 goal scorers to spend time on every penalty kill.
  11. 23 game home win streak

    Well, I guess I was wrong. I said Wings would win 2 games in this series and they won only one. I'm sorry I will try to be more accurate next time. They went down with a whimper. No level of experience or skill can top great goaltending, excellent defense and speed, speed, speed in today's NHL. Howard and Detroit's defense have a lot of work to do before next year starts.
  12. WCQF Game 5 GDT : Red Wings 1 at Predators 2

    Well, I guess I was wrong. I said Wings would win 2 games in this series and they won only one. I'm sorry I will try to be more accurate next time. They went down with a whimper. No level of experience or skill can top great goaltending, excellent defense and speed, speed, speed in today's NHL. Howard and Detroit's defense have a lot of work to do before next year starts.
  13. 23 game home win streak

    At least it was nice to set a record but it was all downhill once it ended.
  14. The Blues are in the driver's seat

    The Blues will win the West. It is hard to beat excellent defense and goaltending. They will skate all over LA, then Nashville. When Howie learns to control his rebounds he will be as good as Halak, Elliott or Rinne.
  15. What's Kenny Holland's Offseason Plan?

    Howard needs to spend the whole summer working on improving his rebound control and preventing rebounds. Obviously that has been every teams game plan against him.... just shoot the puck on net for a rebound and play the rebound.