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  1. GDT

    probably awesome
  2. GDT

    sign datsyuks baby
  3. If anybody else is going to Hi-Tops, post here. My goal with this thread was to not be the only guy in wings gear in a Chicago bar during/after this game.. that might not be safe. There's always a ton of fans there? Edit: their website actually claims a red wings bar. awesome. seems safe. i have never seen that before although found a few spartans bars
  4. Thanks! I am in Lakeview
  5. I live in the city and wondered if any other wings fans plan on watching the game at a bar?
  6. I've seen more wings logos than hawks logos in downtown chi today.. Keep up the good work !!
  7. Does anyone know if this game will be on Center Ice? My guide doesn't show it but I have learned not to trust it this year until almost game time. DTV offerred me $40/month to drop Versus, I couldn't pass on that, but I expected the playoff schedule to be like prior years. Waiting until game time to find out if I get the game on TV is killing me.
  8. Just checked out FSMW and it sounds fantastic. Oh well, I'd rather have nasty sounding Ken and Mickey.
  9. Thanks, at least it's not just me. This happenned almost every game in the first half of 09, and I'd call DTV in the 1st and it was usually fixed at about the start of the 2nd. Haven't called yet tonight, maybe someone else will
  10. Is everyone's audio piss poor, or is it just DirecTV? I'm getting DD5.1 from FSDHD but it sounds like the boombox I bought when I was 13.
  11. he smoked him like a bad cigar
  12. that must be the problem, we werent standing close enough to our HDTVs
  13. if thats true i think the video evidence should have been enough to overrule that with a no goal. the puck was clearly not moving backwards on the line. on 2nd thought maybe thats a little hipocritical of me, howards head blocked teh cam
  14. i very seriously think these referrees need to be looked into for gambling associations.