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  1. Hopefully Holland tells any Wings selected next year for the All Star Game to stay home and take the 1 game suspension. Screw Bettman and the rest of His croonies!
  2. GDT

    Once the Wings started playing their game featuring the leagues best puck possesion team it was all over but the cryin.
  3. GDT

    We haven't got a guy that can handle guys like Eager and Ladd
  4. GDT

    This reminds me of the finals last year. Bettman wants th Hawks to win this one.
  5. GDT

    REFS 2-REFS 1
  6. GDT

    Lets get it started already. Go WINGS!!!!!!
  7. Maybe for a while but as long as the same two boneheads are running MSLE no GM will ever have complete say and control in the day to day operations of the Toronto Maple Leafs. Mark my word there is no way Burke is still in Toronto after 4 years let alone 6 :!:
  8. He will last about 3 years and the Laffs willl be on the hook for the remaining 3. Smart move by burke.
  9. Wow in JR A last year Stamkos(golden boy) would usually cheapshot and run for cover of the linesmen or teamates. Someone must have give him a kick in the n*ts down there in Tampa
  10. Stop listening to the Hotstove on Hockey Night in Canada where most of the idiotic rumurs in the NHL get started. Illitch sells pizza not cars!
  11. 4-2 wings and Helm with a two point night.
  12. I also think the nucks will bring their top game but too much firepower on the Wings will bury those nuckleheads.
  13. For sure he's earned the starting netminders job here in Hockeytown USA!!!
  14. I wonder what time Burkes plane lands in Toronto tonight?