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  1. Leino?

    To be honest cant say his linemates Haydar and Helm have done anything in the past 5-6 games. I guess its just been hard for the entire line, maybe communication isnt at its best and they are getting frustrated when not producing. And actually the whole team has been abit sloppy recently, after the really hot start they have started losing alot games.
  2. Leino?

    Does anyone of you know what the injury that Leino had some time ago was? He sat out few games and after that his production is completely gone. Before the injury he had like 18 points in 14 games and now 20 points in 21 games. So im just wondering was the injury on leg or something that forces him to play at 50% so if anyone of you watches grand rapids games can someone lighten me up and tell if he is slower or something. Getting kinda worried becose if Helm is getting more points than Leino then its not looking good!
  3. Update: Wings (don't) recall Ville Leino

    He is out for a month.
  4. Update: Wings (don't) recall Ville Leino

    Yes, its true. Leino has indeed been called up and this is from 100% trustable source. It was in the finnish sports news this morning In his last ahl game he had 3 assists, ending up with 9 points (4+5) in 5 games. He leads the GR with points and has 2nd best +/- with +5. Still one of the best things about Leino, he had 0 pim. And its also true that he was good in PK which suprised me too. In the finnish elite league he didnt play PK becose of his poor defensive abilities. But when i watched grand rapids game he was always defending when the puck was in their zone. He is also good in PP. He is expected to play tomorrow against the Kings. And please guys dont expect 3 goals from him like brunnstrom did. I doubt that Leino gets a chance to play with Z or datsyuk to make that happen, and i doubt he will have as much luck as brunnstrom did Anyways if he gets to the 2nd or 3rd line i'd expect something Nice to see this happen though.
  5. Leino with 2 goals tonight

    I wouldnt say that 6 pts in AHL is same as 0 points in NHL, its proven many times that players that have point per game in AHL can do almost the same in NHL if they get to a proper line. But, i have to agree with you, and i hope no one is expecting a hat trick from Leino in his first NHL game. Actually, its better to not expect anything, just give him chance to get to know the NHL hockey.
  6. Quincey > Meech/Lebda

    Sure he wasnt impressive in Detroit but this season he has played very well so far. But, honestly i think moving to the Kings was good thing for him and now he can play without worrying about roster spot. In detroit he wouldnt play that good. So, trading him was the right move imo.
  7. 10/19 GDT: Grand Rapids Griffins @ Toronto Marlies

    I bought this 1 game pass from ahl live and the rapids are quite solid. Some bad turnovers (for example ericsson, but excellent diving pokecheck) but the marlies havent been able to score. Good finishing from the rapids although powerplay could have been better, give credit to toronto's pk though. Good game by everybody on the bench so far, not so good for toronto guys though hehe
  8. Kirk Maltby

    Maltby is precious player for us, no doubt about it and i think we should use him as long as he is willing to continue with his career.
  9. Waiting for Ville Leino

    Hmm, i bought 1 game pass in ahl live tonight to watch how leino is doing and after period and half im little disappointed. Not bad play but nothing special. I hope he can keep on pushing in ahl, 1+1 in 3 games isnt bad but im expecting more from him EDIT: Haha, seems like he heard me. Minute later after i posted he scored EDIT2: And helper on the board, keep it coming!!
  10. Brunnstrom, don't look now

    Again, even i would have scored from that position. Great play from Richards and Morrow to give Brunnstrom wide open net.
  11. Brunnstrom, don't look now

    Of course everybody thinks that Brunnstrom is a sensation now or something like that but the way i see it, not everyone can play with Brad Richards in their first NHL game and put the puck in to empty net. Besides, he did nothing in his second game. But heck, 3 (4) goals in debut is good, im not saying its not. And i dont think its wise to expect Leino put up 3 goals in his debut becose i doubt he can play with Datsyuk and other than that he isnt sniper.
  12. Waiting for Ville Leino

    =D My favourite player, really complete player but a little disappointment last year becose the final breakout is still missing. But now, 9 points in 3 games i think he wont be underrated player after this year!
  13. Waiting for Ville Leino

    Fingers crossed!
  14. What would be the best possible line-up?

    Get Leino and Helm in the lineup, drop Kopecky and Hudler and mix the lines abit. I dont think Hudler is bringing much to the team honestly, and i prefer Maltby over Kopecky. And for the first post, Leino plays LW or center but i guess he could learn to play RW too!
  15. Waiting for Ville Leino

    Hey guys, im a finn and im fan of Jokerit, the team Ville Leino played in when he was still in Finland. Im really anxious to see him play in the NHL and i just had to come here and tell you all that he is great player Last season was one of the greatest i've seen in SM League in many years and big part of that is Ville Leino. He just dominated our offensive play. I mean, the most memorable moment in playoff match was when Leino skated around with the puck for like 2 minutes and no one could take it away from him. In 55 games (there is only 56 games in sm league) he had 77 points which is awesome becose in Finland when the season ends best guy usually have around 65 points or so. Teams play quite defensively and there isnt much really skilled offensive players out there which makes scoring fairly hard. Even i am Jokerit fan i think we didnt have much good players to score goals with Leino, well, maybe the american Tim Stapleton (nowdays in the Toronto Marlies) and there was just soo many great passes from Leino that his linemates couldnt convert to goals. Leino is more of a playmaker style player, not that much goal scorer but what i read from the preseason games he has improved alot on that too. Great example of his ability to improve is that he doesnt take penalties anymore. 2 seasons ago he had 76 PIM which is quite alot, most of them pure frustration penalties and so forth, but in the breakout season ONLY 18 PIM. So now he doesnt take penalties, he draws them to the opponent. In my opinion he is one of the best Finnish players i've seen in years and he is just growing his skills every second. I mean 2 years ago he was "good" player, having 40 points in 50 games but after that season he really broke out. I'd say he is much better than Val Filppula, nothing against him, but if i compare these guys Leino is better, though, they are having quite different role. Im just saying that i really want to see Leino in the action! I want him to prove everybody that he can play in the NHL and also i want to see how much he has improved again. I just have to hope he gets spot in Detroit soon, maybe after some games in the minors, im expecting much points from him! Well, i just keep on waiting and maybe some day my dream will come true and perhaps i will fly to detroit and get to see him live again