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  1. Enjoy that President's Trophym Chi-Town. We'll drink from the Big Prize!!!

  2. "It's not a 7 game series! It's a race to 4!" - Coach Babcock

  3. Worst Channel to watch hockey on.

    I was forced to watch the Wings beat the Ducks while working in Las Vegas. The hotel I stayed in had LA channels. The Fox Sports LA Announcers are the worst I've ever heard (ever worse than Chicago announcers). I don't know how many times a player came to "the moment of truth", or how many times Detroit had a "lucky bounce". The Fox LA announcers win my award for the worst ever!
  4. Is anyone else sick of...

    I'm pretty much sick of people comparing the Wings to the Freaking Yankees. They call Detroit the Evil Empire of Hockey. The Wings grow through the farm system - Pavel, Hank, Nick, Helm, Mule, etc. I can think of 3 high price players that did not come through the system - Conklin, Cheli, and Hossa. The rest were cast off from other teams that fit into the system. The Wings do it right. They build through the farm and compete on the highest level by growing players to fit into the team system. While I'm at it, I am also sick of Sid the squid and his boy Malkin. The press has built them up into the second coming of Gretzky and the Oilers. All we have to do is stop Sid and Malkin and the Cup is ours! Go Wings!
  5. Ducks GM Bob Murray accused of cross-checking fan

    I was working in Vegas watching the game. I was forced to listen to the crappy Duck announcers. They whine worse than the team. According to them, Cleary's goal should not have counted because he shoved Hiller into the net. The Wings are the biggest cheaters in the league. They are the best at jumping into the faceoff circle that gives them an unfair advantage; blah, blah, blah. I had to listen to games 6 and 7. In game 7 I had to turn down the sound and find the announcers on the internet, just to hear some one that knew ANYTHING about hockey. In my opinion, there is no class in the whole organization, and the worst whiner of them all wears #25!
  6. Toronto might get a second NHL team.

    Two words come to mind - LA Clippers!!! As bad as the Leafs are, they are royalty in Toronto. Who is going to come watch the "B" team play?