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  1. I will lose major respect for Chicago fans if

    Indeed! Throwing a quarter and hitting Hawks equipment manager Troy Parchmen in the eye after the final regular season game in Detroit was a pretty classy thing to do for a coward Wings fan. That said, I wouldn't get into that chant at all. I hate the Wings with all of my heart, but it's a game. People are losing everything there, and that's hurting the nation as a whole. As a strong union supporter, and a supporter of working people in general, I agree that the chant is lame.
  2. Our Arch Rival(s)

    I've heard this from Red Wings fans before, but it's mostly from "new" fans...either bandwagoners, or people who started following Detroit in the 90's. I've held season tickets in Chicago for 15 years, and that's a lot of lean seasons. This isn't a new hatred...we've ALWAYS hated you. I've lived in St. Louis, and for whoever said that Blues fans hate you guys as much as we do is wrong. This is the first time we've been relevant in a while, and maybe that's why we're making news as Red Wings haters, but it's always been there. As far back as I remember, dating back to the Chicago Stadium days, "De-Troit SUCKS!" was the chant, even when Detroit wasn't even in town. For those who jumped on the wagon post-'95, you're obviously forgetting things like Probert punching Belfour out of nowhere in the playoffs, Konstantinov shooting the puck into the Hawks bench after the whistle, Peluso vs Kocur, etc. This isn't new. We have ALWAYS hated you, and for a lot of the old timers in Detroit, they hate us just the same. We're on a lengthy drought now, but don't forget the chants of "1950!" You guys haven't always been the team that you are now, either. Regardless of how mu past comments look, I want to be clear. I'm not here to stir up s**t. We've been at the bottom for far too long, and in order to be the best, you have to beat the best. You've been the wrench in our cogs for a long time, and if/when we make that final step, we have to go through you. So yes, there is hatred for those of us who have been here for more than 15 years, and it will always be that way. This is going to be a good series...as a Hawks fan, I heard about how Calgary was going to beat us up. I heard about how Luongo was going to sweep us, before we made him look like a *****. Detroit is a better team than either of those teams, but the games still have to be played. I would be careful about counting us out. Everyone else has, and look where they are now.
  3. St Louis reaction to Palin dropping puck this Friday

    First, let me say that I'm not here to spam the board, or start a flame war. As a Hawks fan, the Detroit Red Wings are far and away my least favorite team in sports. That said, I definitely admire your team for a lot of reasons...maybe even envy. Although I hate the Wings, I think that they are a class organization for the way that they seem to treat their players, and I think that they generally go about things the right way when it comes to personnel...off ice and on. For a lot of new Blackhawk fans, they only know that they're supposed to hate the Red Wings, and don't really know why. A lot of post-1996 Red Wings fans know that we hate you guys, but they also don't know why. For Hawks fans like me, who have been there throughout the thick and thin (mostly thin over the past 20 years!) it's more of a historical thing. Our two teams and their fans have always had one of the best, if not THE best rivalry in the NHL. Your rivalry with Colorado lasted a few years, but ours goes back for over 70 years. I'll always cheer loud for my Hawks, and loud against the Wings. That said, I'm never above having a beer and a good conversation with fans of ANY team, and I hope I don't start any crap with my post! Here's to a good season for both of our teams so we can get this rivalry back to where it needs to be!