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  1. :rotflmao:
  2. the crease is too humongous big for bryz to navigate.
  3. hahaha nice bryz nice. seriously what the hell was he thinking?! FINALLY BOB!
  4. seriously. this is barely entertaining, it's ******* ludicrous. Okay, yeah it's entertaining because I can't stop laughing. Put bob in for christ sake.
  5. thank you Lidstrom for the last two decades.
  6. Only if we sign them to 34 year contracts and promise them jobs in the front office.
  7. Let's go blues!
  8. Can anyone honestly question Lids retirement now?
  9. we are a team full of herp derps.
  10. WTF?F!
  11. Let's keep shooting at an unscreened Rinne from 65ft. away
  12. ******* derp.
  13. NOW it's over.
  14. Gotta score on this one before the makeups begin