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  1. Great work, keep it up!
  2. Nah it's the other way around
  3. Nicklas Bäckström (The Swedish one) Evgeni Malkin Alex Ovechkin Henrik Lundqvist Daniel Alfredsson
  4. Pronger Crosby Pronger Perry Pronger
  5. I wish we had Paajarvi drafted . Hope to see Sweden - Canada in the final once again, anything else would be a real anti climax right now. Btw, If we end up with SWE-CAN once again, who's side are you US guys on?
  6. Ugly And in my opinion you would have to be a team with more tradition/success to pull something like that off. In this case it would just look ridiculous.
  7. They showed beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are indeed a team and just not a two-man-show. I was suprised, but at least losing doesn't suck as much knowing they actually earned it in those last games.
  8. Thanks to all those who played with their hearts, wont be calling names
  9. It's a small target, but aim for their heart
  10. I trust the 3rd period to anyone who can turn this s*** around.. f*** pens, Go Wings
  11. It took a while and it was damn tight, but i think i made it 2009-2010 Detroit Red Wings FORWARDS Justin Abdelkader $55,283,334 GOALTENDERS Chris Osgood $1,416,666
  12. Is this really happening? haha..
  14. GGGGGOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL, my neighbours gonna kill me but who cares