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  1. Congrats to Howard and his wife.
  2. That's a huge loss for the canucks (and a HUGE opportunity for the wings to beat them tonight)
  3. Datsyuk - Good both offensively and defensively Lisdstrom - PERIOD Luongo - Great goaltender, good stats and with a guy like Lidstrom in front him, his overall Win-Loss column will be over ,500 What makes me laugh is you put guys like Raycroft, Roloson and Huet in your pool while CHRIS OSGOOD - a STANLEY CUP winner isn't here.
  4. Sabres *My eyes burns* ....and I really hate the thrashers' 3rd jersey
  5. Bruins/Habs
  6. The winner: THE COLORADO AVALANCHE FANS (but I voted for the leafs fans) Why: Ignorant (don't even know they team were the QUEBEC NORDIQUES), arrogant and obnoxious The second: The MONTREAL CANADIENS FANS Why: They will start chants like "OLAY OLAY OLAY OLAY", will brag about their team's 24 cups they won, will boo ppl for stupids or no reasons at all. But leafs fans are third
  7. 7 years And really enjoyed them playing (and not because they were #1 in the league) From good (2002, 08 cup runs) to bad (2003, 06 choke-jobs)
  8. Well I'm a wings/flyers fan at the same time (wings being #1). I cheer for the hawks when they play the habs (like I do with every other teams who play them)
  9. 1- Even with guys like Kovalchuk and Ovechkin, the thrashers and caps can't even have a sell-out crowd and that's a shame. 2- The isles play in a s***ty arena so if they don't built in a new one, they will probably move. 3- Columbus has a good fanbase who are just sick of losing and REALLY wants to see action in April But if there's a team who needs to go, it's the FLORIDA PANTHERS: The ppl who live here don't even care or know what is hockey. As for the canadian team, the team who needs to go is......THE OTTAWA SENATORS: This is the only canadian team who once draw less than 10 000 ppl in a season (1994-95) and I agree with chunkylover, they are redundant as a province representation.
  10. I'm a fan of the wings but since I live in Montreal, I can't watch red wings game (unless it include the habs). The only other team I support is the Philadelphia Flyers.
  11. His garage is bigger than my WHOLE house. Gotta love the car too But the only thing wrong is that pats helmet (I can't help it but I hate the pats)
  12. What have the avs and Joel Quenneville both in common? Wings + Knocking them in the playoffs = STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS Hey, Quenneville actually coached the avs when the wings swept them, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
  13. Well, you are one lucky bastard.....and that was a class act from The Ilitch to let you and your friend in.
  14. So he bashed the wings for years huh? (I live in Canada so I don't have ESPN) And they put the final nail on his coffin, hahaha. He'll probably go back to ESPN to critisize the wings more. And IMO, Tortorella is a better coach than Melrose Islanders better watch out, Tampa are in a serious competition from taking the title of "biggest joke of the NHL" away from them (I feel sorry for Lecavalier)