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  1. They were just teasing us in the preseason, racking up something like 7-2 record.
  2. This is a sh*tty team from top to bottom. We are old, our middle range players are inconsistent. Our young players are not enough. We will be a bottom feeder this season, I'm not exaggerating. I've been around long enough to see the signs. Feel free to call this post up in game 82 and prove me wrong. We will be in the lottery for the first pick overall.
  3. Damn and damn ....
  4. What happened? I saw in the boxscore that it was Det 1-0 with Tatar scoring ... now it's 1-0 for FLA???
  5. Didn't watch the game but just looked at boxscore. Safe to assume our D was sh*t? That and undisciplined ... way too many penalty?
  6. Damn .... damn ... sloppy game. Before, I was like, OK ... we're not going to win against TB. But after we went up 2-0, then 3-1, I thought we should be able to pull this off. Then the old Wings came back. Yah, it's just the first game, blah blah blah.
  7. Yah, is that the reason? I'll try disabling it for this site and see what kind of beautiful ads might come my way ... :>. So I disabled it and there is still a lot of white space on the right, but now I see some ads on the top.
  8. RedWingsRox

  9. Thanks for the work. Any way to personalize the design, I'm getting a lot of white space (almost a third) on the right . as another member suggested, maybe you can widen the main part and shrink that part. Thanks.
  10. Don't get us all giddy with these exhibition game results and then have another mediocre season with a must game in game 82 to make it into the playoffs.
  11. There may be a parade in Toronto for a hockey championship!
  12. Always sweet beating Pittsburgh, even though Crosby is not there.
  13. Impressive Tatar, hope he gains some confidence and is ready to move to the next level of play.
  14. OK, I fell asleep on that one, McLellan is the one benching Larkin because he wants his own players to get the time on the ice. Regardless, I still think Tortorella is a sh*tty coach.
  15. How dare Tortorella ! Honestly, I think he is a terrible coach, was that the best USA could do? Who was coach of the US team in the most recent Olympics? I just googled best NHL coaches and the top 15 are like Canadian !