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  1. Poor Poor NHL ratings

    it was "Conan the hockey destroyer" all along. Saturday night is the WORST night for all TV ratings, sports or otherwise. it's no surprise it failed. and considering NBC doesn't even pay anything for the rights. ugh. the NHL is a joke.
  2. Olczyk - biased analyst

    he's also incredibly biased, and I do expect more from a "national" broadcast. is it really too much to ask to have fair commentary?
  3. Dan O'Halloran is...

    noone can be that blind or incompetent, the FBi should investigate. remember he was reffing game 3 of the pens series against caps when they needed a win.
  4. best euro ever poll at hfboards

    lidstrom is not nearly physical enough to dominate eddie shore's era.
  5. EN Machine

    it FOUR , or 57% of his valuable playoff goals.
  6. PS: Pavel Datsyuk is a playmaker

    you are a big whiner. but considering you sig I guess that's par for the course. datsyuk is off the pace for a couple of series with half the playoffs yet to come and listen to all the babies bitching. they come out of the woodwork like roaches. in the 07 and 08 playoffs zetterberg has scored 2 more points (41-39) more than datsyuk. that's it. these playoffs aren't over. i wish datsyuk had FOUR empty net goals this year like everyones favorite injury prone swede but he's not been lucky enough for that but I guess thats the measure of outpreforming for alot of bandwagoners. it's just laughable how much bitterness and spite there is on here for datsyuk, always been that way. greedy russian this and greedy russian that, he's been called that here for 7 years.
  7. PS: Pavel Datsyuk is a playmaker

    better takeaway ratio ... check isn't injury prone.... check better stickhandler...check can play with anyone and make them better ... check isn't swedish... a crime with the homers here on lgw.com/swedesruleandarentgreedylikerussians.html
  8. ECF, Penguins vs. Hurricanes.

    they're the least penalized team , we're the second least, and to me they looked pretty small compared to Bostons players. all that gives us an advantage, I would've liked O6 against boston but I feel we match up against Carolina better. I just want the Cup.
  9. Sorry to say but....

    Thank you. It's simply not enough to say we rised above it and it makes it "sweeter", what if we would've lost? There's alot at stake. we've seen this attitude when a bunch of BS penalty calls are made and if we kill them off people say the same thing. "No harm, we killed them off" . Sorry but there is harm, we've had our players expend more energy on the PK when they never should've in the first place, we haven't been able to roll our 4 lines, our star players on the PK are getting too much ice time. We can't find 5 on 5 rhythem and execute our gameplan. It's just not OK. It effects the team for the rest of the game or series. and it's not just disparity between 2 teams but different series. I watched the Bos/Canes and how refreshing not to see a buch of hacking, wacking, cross checking AND there was hardly anybody thrown out of the faceoff circle. Ever. Seriously. What a change. If the reffing was anything like that series or the Pens series it would've been 5 games max. Same thing with last years Finals. You can simply substitue Hal Gil for Chris Pronger when we got to the Finals. He was allowed to hack away and obstruct like it was 2001. Go back and watch the games if you recorded them. You'll be shocked at what he was allowed to get away with. and what I really don't understand is how Red Wing fans can support this???? I mean, we're the skilled team, the skating team, it benefits us when the PO's are called like the regular season in terms of obstruction, lumberjacking. If you really wanted the Wings to have the best opportunities you'd want hockey called consistently and according to the rules. and before anyone says, that's just the way it is, "it's the playoffs" let me ask you, does the NFL not call penalties in the 4th Qtr of a game? Does MLB adjust the strike zone in the last 2 innings? It's bush-league. And don't tell me "the refs don't want to influence the game". The player has influenced the game by taking the action of cross-checking or slashing, don't blame the ref for a players decision. The NHL is the only league that not only has, but approves of, calling the sport differently depending on how much time is left in the game or whether the game is being played in the regular season or the playoffs. People talk about growing the game of hockey, well, no matter the network, hockey is at it's best when skating, stickhandling (datsyuk) shooting, creativity are allowed. Cross-checking, slashing, and elbowing are not hockey moves. Give any Neanderthal a stick and he can do the same. It takes no skill. It's not hockey, maybe it was hockey in the 70's with the Broadstreet Bullies but really, let's move on. Letting skilled players play their game is the way to attract more casual fans. The up and down the ice, the changing on the fly, the 7 mins. of uninterruped action with all kinds of shots on goal, the post to post save, this is what will bring more viewers in, whether it's on ESPN or Versus. Really. I'm still bitter about 2007. there is no way we should've lost that WCF's. Before you say, forget it, or make a tinfoil hat comment I'll say the series WAS called differently. and it did effect the Wings negativley. How do I know? Because the Detroit Red Wings brass/upper management literally called up the Ottawa Senators and told them, warned them, that their just concluded series against the Ducks was called looser, differently, that they let alot of stuff go and that they should be prepared for it in the SC Finals. So , mock all you want but it's a fact the Red Wings organisation thought enough about it to let the Sen's know. what is Detroit really good at? Well, we have Homer who's easily one of the best all time at screening, think of how many times he's had a goal waived off on bogus interference calls. How many times has O'Halloran done it alone? 4 times? This is a clear advantage yet we get called for it all the time. Think back to the Niedermayer goal in 07, he pushes our goalie in and still good goal. And then they complain about the Cleary call after running Ozzie all series? What an unmittigated joke. another is faceoffs. Always one of the best teams. I've never, in 3 decades of watching and playing this sport, seen a team kicked out of the faceoff circle more in the last 2 PO's then I've seen it happen to Detroit. Just watching the last period and OT of the Bos/Car game and it hardly ever occured. We're kicked out more in one period of hockey than both teams are in an entire game. Why is this? Because we're cheating by our wings trying to get a jump to get to a possible loose puck? Every team does this. That's why there always jostling and the players putting their sticks on top of the others to gain an advantage. I remember watching a defensive zone faceoff last night, the linesman told our wing to skate back to outside the circle becuase his skates were half over the FO line, fine,that's the letter of the law. Meanwhile, right next to him was Selanne standing with his skates 3/4 over the line and nothing was said. It's rediculous to say the least. If you don't believe in Conspiracies that perfectly fine, but remember , these types of calls aren't legitimate and only serve to weaken the Wings chances of winning the cup. As a Wings fan, you ought to want the game called the same, whether regular season or playoffs. and on a sidenote: hockey doesn't need to get back on espn for it to grow, hockey needs the skill players to be allowed to play the game. Hockey has been on espn 2 or 3 times since the 70's, last time it was was on espn for what, 12 years, and at the end of espns reign Arena Football, Horse racing and Poker got better ratings. Let the skilled players play and people will come out to see the game.
  10. 2009 WCSF GAME 7: Ducks 3 at Red Wings 4

    Selanne spent more time down on the ice than he did recovering. Notice he was out there for the Power Play? mustn't have been too terrible hurt.
  11. Pittsburgh's ANGELIC game 7 performance

    and SIX of those penalties that went against Wash. were called in a row. that was an important game , if they go down 0-3 they don't come back. Think of all the money the NHL has invested in hyping the Holy One. the ref for that game: Dan O'Halloran. In fact, DOH has reffed 7 Pens games in the PO's the last 2 years. The Pens are 6-1 in those games. The only loss: Game 1 in the Finals last year against the Wings. This was the game the Wings were called 4 times in a row for penalties in the first period. They spent almost the entire second half of the opening period , opening game, on the PK. the ref for that game: Dan O'Halloran. for the entire Pens/Caps series the Pens received 16 fewer minors than the Caps. Yet the Pens were penalized more during the regular seaon than the Caps. and the owner of the Caps comes out at the start of the series and says he "just knows" this will go seven games? O'Halloran reffed games 1,3,5 of last years finals, the Pens two wins during that series came during these games. Look at his record of calling off Wings goals, his on-record hate for the city of Detroit, if you feel it's not a conicdence your not seeing right. Game 5 Wings/Ducks , the Red Wings, the second least penalized team in the league and a puck possesion team dominate this game yet manage only 3 PP's , the same number of PP's for the second-most penalized team in the NHL: the Ducks. the ref for that game: Dan O'Halloran look at our series versus the ducks, how in the world can a team who's game is puck possesion and the second least penalized team overall get called for as penalties as the most penalized team in the league? it starts with Dan O'Halloran, who knows where it will end.
  12. The misconception that Datsyuk and Zetterberg are equal

    yeah, too bad his dad wasn't a coach.
  13. The misconception that Datsyuk and Zetterberg are equal

    actually I think he gives a very well thought response. The "Pavel people" have used alot of logic, stats, and facts to back up their opinions. I don't see that with the Zetterberg people. Alot of emotional rhetoric but nothing else. Look, it's real simple, Zetterberg is favored by the majority here, everybody knows it, he's simply got more fans on LGW but it doesn't mean he's the better player. I don't know how a guy who wins the Selke, nominated for the Hart and Pearson and puts up 97 points back to back playing with anyone while taking literaly half as less shots as Ovekchin isn't the best all around player in the league. Consider all the Byngs , his less PIMs than Z, his takeaways, p/m ratio, and it's even more impressive. his plus/minus is +34 3rd in the league, Zetterberg isn't even top 30 his FO % , 9th in the league, Zetterberg is 20th in the league more Hits than Zetterberg, more games played each seson, second in the league in Takeaways, Zetterberg not even in the top 30 in the league and I don't understand the debate. but he's a greedy Russian who never could produce in the playoffs , especially when we were getting bounced in the first and second rounds and nobody else was scoring. He got the big contract sooner than Zetterberg despite the fact that he's been a Wing longer but hey, just another greedy Russian.
  14. The misconception that Datsyuk and Zetterberg are equal

    yeah, I guess you're right, ever since 2003 he's never really produced in the PO's, of course no wing produced when they were getting bounced in the first and second rounds so he got a UN-deserved rep for not producing and all the Zata fanboys and girls love to erroniously go back to it like moths to a flame. it's too bad he's "invisible" now, when he's wining more draws, better takeaway ratio, outhitting, he really is "invisible".