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  1. WCQF Game Three GDT : Predators 3 at Red Wings 2

    Yet again Detroit doesn't show up for the first half of the game and then has to play catchup. We're never going to be successful while giving Nashville the lead every game. Their defense and goaltending is just too good for that.
  2. 9/25 Pre-Season GDT: Chicago Blackhawks at Red Wings

    It's just this game. He's definitely more of playmaker than a goalscorer but he had no problem finishing his chances when I watched him at Maine. I think most of it is probably just nerves of playing in the NHL. Grippin' the stick a bit too tight trying to land that first goal. He has enough skill to play in a top-6 role right now but it will come down to whether or not he's physically ready for the NHL. If they keep him on the roster then I think he'll start to turn some heads really quick.
  3. 9/23 Exhibition GDT: Philadelphia Flyers 3 at Red Wings 1

    Don't worry, I live 20 minutes from the Joe and I'll have to do the same. :beerbuddy:
  4. 9/23 Exhibition GDT: Philadelphia Flyers 3 at Red Wings 1

    Hmm... I live in Taylor and it says this video is not available in your area.
  5. Patrick Eaves Watch Thread.

    Agreed. More Patrick Eaves celebration face! :yowza: This has definitely been another successful reclamation project for the wings. This thread has been going on for two years with nothing but good reviews of Eaves play. Here's to three more years of me posting his stats and talking about how awesome he is. :beerbuddy: Also, updated for his final season statistics.
  6. Patrick Eaves Watch Thread.

    Just to elaborate on this, having Modano in good spirits come playoff time could pay HUGE dividends. Quite frankly, I don't think we brought in a guy like Modano for what he's going to bring in the 82 game preseason. Babcock realizes this and as such, is going to give him every opportunity to get his game going. I want Eaves to play just as much as the next guy but I have to believe that Modano could be a more valuable asset than either Miller or Eaves. Edit:Thread updated as well
  7. Patrick Eaves Watch Thread.

    I probably won't be able to update the thread as often this season. But, hopefully I'll get it updated for everyone over the next week or two.
  8. Red Wings prospect camp

    Damn. I had no idea they were streaming the camp live this morning. Crap.
  9. Patrick Eaves Watch Thread.

    Another season of Patrick Eaves.
  10. Versteeg a Leaf

    Honestly, you're kind of pathetic. Take a moment and realize where you're at. You are on LETSGOWINGS.COM. This is a site built for the Detroit Red Wings fan base and Chicago is our biggest rival. Do you honestly expect people to sit and talk about how awesome the Hawks are? Or how Chicago is going to be a dominate force for years to come? Give me a break. OH WAIT WE'RE IN DENIAL. If you don't like what people think about your team then don't post here. I'll never understand why someone would go to an opposing team's forum and then be offended that they don't agree with you.
  11. Versteeg a Leaf

    WOAH! A RIVAL FANBASE DOESN'T TALK ABOUT HOW AWESOME THEIR RIVALS ARE?!?!? INCONCEIVABLE!! With each passing year, the trolls become more painful to read.
  12. 1st Round Pick (21), Riley Sheahan

    Who would have guessed that a useful thread would get turned into a frivolous argument? This pick is starting to grow on me the more I let it sink in. A two-way player is always going to be given a better opportunity to succeed in the Red Wings system so I suppose it makes sense to pick a player in the first round that fits within our coach's system and philosophy. He's already a pretty good size at 6'2 200 pounds so who knows what size he may eventually end up at by the time he legitimately challenges for a roster spot. Yes, he had a disappointing season in Notre Dame this year offensively but if you look at his junior totals there is obviously some serious offensive talent there. I wouldn't be surprised if he exploded offensively next year with getting top minutes and being more acclimated to playing against 20 year old men. The only down side for me is that he plays on Notre Dame. :nonono:
  13. 2010 NHL Draft Thread

    Of all the teams for Fowler to fall too... ******* ducks. Blah.
  14. Bufyglien traded to Thrashers

    Entirely possible. The Trashers definitely have the advantage of having a surplus of prospects where they can make some deals and not be hurt too bad. I'm kind of curious to see if they have any more trades in the works.
  15. Bufyglien traded to Thrashers

    No, I agree. They aren't going to go get guys like Frolov or Marleau but I could see them picking up somebody like Ponikarovsky. Probably a second line forward of some kind that's in the 20 goal to 40 or 45 point range. They've got solid young talent and pretty respectable defensive core so there's not much to address there.