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  1. Zetterbeard40

  2. Misery loves company

    new faceoff rules. It seems like it just more face time for the linesmen...what is supposed to be 15 seconds or whatever in between whistles turns into 10-45 cause the refs wont drop the puck.
  3. Misery loves company

    very well said...I cant agree with you more
  4. New Arena Name?

    "Octopus Gardens"
  5. New Arena Name?

    So I thought it would be fun to think of some names for the potential new Red Wings Arena. For the past few years, when my brother, friends and I attend games, a common topic that arises is possible names for the New Arena. Always trying to come up with creative and funny names becomes quite ammusing if you're a wings fan. Try and refrain from corporate sponsor names, because, although the Arena will probably be named after its corporate sponsor, its much more fun the other way. Here are a few of our ideas and we'll see where this goes - "Howezerman Arena" (for obvious reasons of course) - "Little Caesars Centre", "Little Casears Palace/Arena" etc. (while this is a corporate name, seeing as how the teams owner also owns our favourite arena pizza, we think its funny) - "The New Olympia" - or the classic, "Red Wings Centre"
  6. New Arena?

    You know I think you`re onto something here. Im from windsor and I think an exhibition ghame would be great. We have a new arena for the spitfires that while it only holds about 6000 seats, would be perfect and show the windsor fanbase their appreciation.
  7. New Arena?

    well sir, you go tell that to mr ilitch who is giving away tickets through the third round of the playoffs in order to fill his arena. Get over it, times have changed. This is not copying, its called staying with the times. why dont they have someone manually zamboni the ice too
  8. New Arena?

    My point in my post was this. As all of us would like to see hockey as a sport, it is no longer the case. It is a business. There are two types of hockey fans, those who are there for the game and those who are there for the experience. Unfortunatley, most buildings cannot sell out with just fans who are there for the game. While we were able to get away with having a good team and fairly old arena, these days are over. In economic times like this, people must justify spending the money on the ticket based on more than just the game, otherwise they could get the same entertainment value watching it at home. I have seasons tickets and attend most if not all games. I have not made suggestions to add ice dancers, or a mascot, or anything outragious that would alter the face of the franchise, however I was merely proposing some suggestions that would improve the experience of the average hockey fan. I would much rather see an arena full with 20,000 fans (14,000 hardcore, 6,000 average fans) than 14,000 total. If you dont think this affects the players think again. Other than the fact that the wings have a little more sleep for home games, and the history involved, we dont really have much of a home ice advantage. Our crowd is quiet and weak, and the atmosphere is stale. The only chance the wings have at this point to boost attendance, and restore the excitment in the joe is to either build a new arena, finish last and get a superstar, or change the way things are done at the joe Ie. the suggestions I posted earlier. Those who disagree and believe that its all about the product on the ice should look at how much they really know about the game, because at this point, its more than just a game
  9. New Arena?

    No, i do not think it would spark the current red wings, however I do think a new arena would restore an interest in going to red wings games. Dont get me wrong, our fanbase is still large, however our attendance is not. We can blame it all we want on the economy, but the Joe is old, outdated, boring and not appealing to the average fan who is going for entertainment value rather than to watch their team. Unfortunately we do not live in a market where no matter how good or bad our team is our seats will be filled, we have to offer something else than the product on the ice. I believe a new arena would fill the seats, and give the team a little more drive and something to play for rather than 14,000 quiet fans at the Joe. With all of this said, its not going to happen for a while, hence I propose a few suggestions that can spice up the joe, and be long-term investments that can be moved to the new arena. 1.) New Scoreboard - this would make the Joe look a little newer, give the fans something appealing to look at during off-time and can be moved to a new arena upon construction. 2.) Digital video scoreboards along the outer edge of the arena - Rather than having nothing above the suites, other than some old 'around the league scoreboards' that dont even work, these would also make the Joe more appealing and can once again be moved to the new location. 3.) New Anthem singer - sorry Karen, you're passed your prime. The appeal of a good looking women singing the anthem has lost its value, and Im not even American. I would like to see a tenor come in (like chicago) who can belt out the national anthem and get the arena pumped up for the upcoming game. 4.) Replace Bud Lynch (Spelling?) - While i adore bud's story, and his loyalty to the organization, his time has also passed. We need someone who once again can pump up the arena after a goal, before a powerplay etc. And most of all, we need someone who can correctly pronounce names of players. 5.) Permanent pre-game shows - Why is it that the Joe only has pre-game shows or entrances for the playoffs. Don't tell me its because they can't turn on the lights without time to warm up, because they have no problem doing it for playoffs. Every team in the NHL does it and I dont see why we can't either. I have plenty more, but I guess the point im trying to make is that the Joe is a terrible venue in the new NHL. Your average hockey fan is not going to pay an average of 50 dollars per ticket to simply go see a game. There has to be entertainment value included, simple business, and the Joe has zero. It seems as though Ilitch does nothing but offer cheaper tickets to fill the seats, but he'll figure out soon this is not the answer.
  10. Biron to Wings?

    Thread title = Biron to Wings"?", question mark clearly present...
  11. The offical good Karma thread

    hilarious.....absolutely hilarious!!....Karma my ass.....lets go Wings!!
  12. Draper's status

    And really, this is one series I wouldn't mind Aaron Downey being in the lineup one bit. Drapes centering Helm and Downey anyone? Come on people lets get serious. If we have Aaron Downey in our lineup we will have issues. What is he going to do, go out and fight, spend 5 in the box, and then play the rest of his 4 minutes in ice time. He is useless in the playoffs because people dont fight, and otherwise, he is no good. We have our energy guy who hits and his name is Darren Helm. Even if we sat Malts or Kopy, Downey does not bring to the tabel what they do. You will not see him in the lineup at all, unless its to get his name on the cup late in the final. Our lineup looks great as is, with Draper in it will look even better. I would say to sit Kopy simply because of Malts experience and penalty killing ability. Move Helm over to winger. Drapes centers the 4th line, and we're laughing, cruising our way to the finals.
  13. A sea of red

    Here is my issue with the colour change. I agree, the red jerseys are both BOld, intimidating and classy, however I much prefer the Home whites. Whites in my opinion should be home for all sports and its for the following reason. Call me a loser but from a marketing standpoint, the NHL totally F'ed up by making the darks home. Every team that comes to the joe or any other arena looks the same. They all wear white with a logo in the middle. Most people who are not huge hockey fans probly dont know the difference because all of the away jersey for the most part all look the same. When you have a team coming in with their dark colours, lets say the wings going to phoenix, this is something the home crowd can distinguish the teams by, because its their real colours. I dunno, I just like the reds away way more, as a wings fan, and as a season ticket holder who gets sick of seeing the away team come to the joe with the same old plain white jersey....BOOORRRIIINNNGGGG
  14. A sea of red

    The Red Wings have tried this a couple of playoff runs and it didnt work for a couple of reasons. One year (cant remember which year) they had the slogan "Get your Red on", attempting to get everyone to wear red.....didnt work. Another year, they had "Join the red wave".....needless to say, didnt work. They have given out shirts, probly 3 different series in the last 2 years, problem is, too many of the lower bowl seats are corporate, so those seats are filled with people wearing dress shirts and suits, and they will not wear a red shirt over top fearing that their client wont like it. The other reason the red wings cant do it, is because of the home colour change. Red Wings fans are still very attached to the white jerseys as the traditional home colours, hense why you see lots of white jerseys. Hockey fans like wearing jerseys, so people will wear what they have, and I would say 50% of the jerseys in the joe at any given game are still the white Yzerman. This is why we cant get a full red crowd, and to be honest, whio cares, every team does it now, so its nothing original. All I wuld like to see is towels, those are sweet any game. But if we're looking for a full corwd of one colour, you might have to go to washington/calgary/phoenix, cause it aint happenin in the D. The Joe always has a good mix of red and white tho, which I think is good enough.
  15. 3rd Jerseys...

    I agree, the Winter classics would be a cool third jersey, however, i think it would be best to take off the shoulder patches, making it a true throwback....maybe wear it against original six teams much like the Leafs do with their throwback. As for black third jerseys, not a chance...Not only is Mr I a huge fan of tradition, but black is not even a colour in our logo, therefore, it should not be on the jersey.