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  1. Doug Weight announces retirement after 19 NHL Seasons

    I thought he retired two years ago...
  2. Ryane Clowe: Kronwalled After All!

    Kronwalled!! I knew that hit destroyed him, as much as they all tried to deny it. Nobody walks away unscathed from a hit like that...
  3. Top 10 Steve Yzerman Goals

    Really? I guess a lot of people seem to feel that way. Myself, while it was fun to watch it happen and see the Wings win that game and the series that night, I've never thought that was a "great goal." Gretzky was lazy on that play and just let the puck bounce off his stick and didn't even try to retrieve it, and Casey was awful on the goal. When I think of a "great goal" I think of one like that Avalanche goal in both the TSN and NHL Network videos where he shoots short side on Roy, and it looks like there's no possible way the puck could get in, and yet it does. And it wasn't a mistake by Roy - there was nothing he could have done to stop it. That's a "great goal."
  4. UFA's

    WHat about bringing back 'ol Dandy? (Dandenault) I loved that guy when he was here...
  5. yahoo boxscore 2-2 game

    Yeah, weird. Too bad it isn't reality...
  6. Rafalski still out, Chelios still in for game 2

    Are you sure he didn't say "end of series?" The "season" is over already. At least that's how it seems to memost players and coaches talk - when they say "season" they mean the regular season, not including the playoffs.
  7. Mike Brown's hit on Hudler

    There are potential collisions happening all the time when you have ten guys skating around at high speed and constantly changing directions. But when a guy moves into your path, if he doesn't have the puck, you turn your skates and your body as much as possible and avoid him. 95% of the time it's quite possible without that much effort. You cannot just haul off and hit a guy when he doesn't have the puck. Some people just can't seem to grasp that. It's illegal. If a player lines someone up while he has the puck and the player gets rid of it just before impact, that's legal, because he had the puck when you lined him up and right up till just before you hit him, but you just can't go blasting guys who haven't had the puck for a couple of seconds, just because they happened to wander into your path. It doesn't matter whether he hit him in the head (which he did) or didn't, or whether he kept his elbow in or used his stick, it was a late, late hit, and that's why it's illegal.
  8. I play hockey, and I've played on some shorthanded teams as well, and I can tell you it takes a significant toll on you, playing even a couple extra minutes a night. Seven extra minutes a game is huge. Getzlaf will useless by the end of the series if he keeps playing those kind of minutes, no matter what kind of shape he's in. Especially when he's playing against a combination of Pav, Z, and Mule and whomever else. Those guys will wear him out.
  9. Unavenged Playoff Defeats

    Arghh! I remember that series like it was yesterday. I was numb for days afterward. I hated Clark and Gilmour with a passion for years afterward! :battle: I really thought we had a team to make a great run that year. It was weird watching that replay and seeing Lidstrom right there getting beaten on the winning play. He wasn't always the perfect human. Funny, I had forgotten he was even on that team . Even though I remember that series like yesterday, that team seems like a million years ago. The franchise was so different then. Anybody notice Stevie whiffing on the puck and then hooking Gilmour like crazy in a vain attempt to stop him? Boy, the Captain had come a long ways by 1996-97.