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  1. If we have a defensemen that has any trade value (Michigan native or not) you can bet your paycheck Holland will waive him.
  2. We have the worst defensemen in NHL history. It's why other teams dominate us in shots and time in our zone. Our Forwards have to cover for them so often that they can never break out on odd man rushes. Holland and our NHL scouts should be let go immediately. So depressing.
  3. Let's look at this as a headline and tell me what you think then. Wings trade Alexi Marchenko for three month rental of Defensemen Brendan Smith. Just so sick of Holland and the excuses of how it's so hard to get your team better. It just needs to end.
  4. I would call for a firesale but unfortunately everyone on this team has lost value after putting on the Wings sweater.
  5. This team is awful..
  6. Good goaltending was the only reason we have won this year. Garbage...just garbage defense.
  7. We like our team -Ken
  8. Same team as last year and the year before that and the year before that.... Don't change a thing Kenny.
  9. I had hoped the refs wouldn't intentionally affect the outcome of games but I guess that was just wishful thinking.
  10. Tampa Bay broadcasters, worst in NHL history.
  11. This goalie we got is pretty good.
  12. This team struggled all season to score goals. They didn't score more than two in any game this series. They didn't even score one goal in a must win game. Gosh....I wonder what the problem is. We don't have a defensemen that can score (outside of Green) so please, for the love of God can we all get on the same sheet of music?
  13. GDT

    Agree but moving a goalie (especially on the PP) means you set up one-timers. That has not been the Wings philosophy since Scotty B was the coach. Babs and Blashill focus on screening the goalie and trying to tip in the puck. Seems to be working for Tampa and Cootch-eroff though.
  14. GDT

    Ericsson and his late penalties in almost every game seems at a minimum suspicious.