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  1. Pizza... Pizza... RIP to a good man.
  2. This is terribly sad. I can't imagine having to bury one of my children. My thoughts are with the Daniels family.
  3. What channel!? I can't find it! FSD Alternate 1. found it!
  4. Yes, but you can use NHL TV, which those of us who are in-market cannot. My solution solves for if you're in-market and don't have cable.
  5. It looks like SlingTV will offer an option with FSD. I was going to use SlingTV, but with this new option I'll just "borrow" my parent cable credentials and watch them that way. I already get Disney and HBO via my parents. Fox Sports Regional's (FSR's) are available in the Sling Blue package for $25 a month: https://www.sling.com/ It also comes with a bunch of other channels too.
  6. Signed

    Let's dispel once and for all with the fiction that Ken Holland doesn't know what he is doing, he knows exactly what he is doing.
  7. sigh....
  8. HA! I love Holmstrom. He was my favorite player for a long stretch and a part of FOUR Stanley Cup teams. However, he's no superstar. He's not universally heralded nor acclaimed. Holmstrom is one of those dudes that gets stuff done. He might not be the flashiest, or have all the deke's, ice time, or goals to show for it. He's a breed of folks that won't have numbers retired, but will be in the hearts of folks for a long time. When I think of his type of player, I think of the heavy lifters like Draper, McCarty, and Murphy (pre-new glasses). No, there's no way in hell Holmstrom's number should be retired.
  9. #91 - No #13 - No #40 - Probably Not #30 - No
  10. New logo is bad-ass.
  11. RIP Gordie.
  12. Wings took the "A" away from Datsyuk and made him move back to Russia, so at least Brown still has a spot on their roster.
  13. I was hoping for a classic name, but the reality is that people just don't ignore something that valuable, like naming an arena. I'm glad it Little Caesars and not some other company with no roots here. It's a local business with a national footprint. LCA, here we come!