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  1. Babcock speaks to Datsyuk about lack of production

    Datsyuk have to stop playing too cute. He has been dangling but he cannot bury or produce some offensive work. Best players must show up when they are really needed
  2. 2009 WCSF GAME 7: Ducks 3 at Red Wings 4

    Do not care how the Wings played before. This is an elimination game. The Wings have to smell the blood and take the win over the f***s. Step up everyone. This will be bloody game
  3. 5/13 Playoff GDT

    Series over. Crosby was better than Ovechkin in this series from the start to the end
  4. 5/13 Playoff GDT

    I think the Caps will score one or two more but that must be all. The Caps never looked enough solid to win in this series
  5. 5/13 Playoff GDT

    Caps are learning pretty figure skating... not hockey...
  6. 5/13 Playoff GDT

    Many people here love Ovechkin over Crosby but overall, Ovechkin was worse than Crosby. It does not matte how much stats Ovechkin has clicked. I do not think Ovechkin can seriously control the puck enough well
  7. 5/13 Playoff GDT

    What did I say.. Green sucks
  8. 5/13 Playoff GDT

    Green actually sucks...
  9. 5/13 Playoff GDT

    I never watched, well very few but still, but did Mike Green play this bad defensivey in the regular season?
  10. 5/13 Playoff GDT

    I do not like both Ovechkin and Crosby that much and still hate Crosby more but Crosby has played better than Ovechkin in this series I think..
  11. 5/13 Playoff GDT

    The only chance the Caps look forward to is they get at least two goals here
  12. 5/13 Playoff GDT

    Game over
  13. 5/13 Playoff GDT

    I do not think there is a big difference between the Caps and Pens on offenses. The difference must be the difference.
  14. Niedermayer cheap shot and brawl

    There was no reason Pronger had to hit Homer. The Ducks were losing the game by a big score. Just frustration let him to hit. Justified? I do not think so. From my view, Homer did not intentionally hit W. Besides, the last word you said about the Ducks "dirty team", that is all gotta said by how Perry did on Rafalski who was not participating in the fight at all. I do not know how you can think of this but the Ducks were classless as usual
  15. 5/13 Playoff GDT

    By the way, are you going to miss tomorrow's game by your some festival plan?