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  1. Zetterberg_40

  2. What About = T.J. Oshie of STL., Evander Kane of WIN

    You acknowledge they are both RFAs and then pencil them both in the line up. That is not possible as you would be giving up the same compensation for both of them. In any event, I think the other teams would match. I think it would be foolish to offer sheet any one, because it will come full circle and someone will target a player of ours (at some point) and make us overpay to keep them. Perhaps they come right back and offer sheet Brendan Smith the following year... A cap of 70.3M is very unlikely if/when the CBA is negotiated and who knows how cap hits will be calculated. So, I wouldn't put Suter in at 6M. ... He is going to get paid and I think if it is calculated the same, it is north of 7 for an average...
  3. Double D

    He will not be a UFA next season, so I do not think that is it.... I think to be a UFA you need to either be 27 or have 7 years of experience. I am sure they are trying to lock him up and get some UFA years, which obviously might cost them. However, I don't really see him going anywhere when he would still be an RFA. The assets it would cost to acquire him would be quite significant. In respect to Kenny and the money that is still available, I think it it more due to the fact that the market is weak and whatever is left it not really an upgrade. As of right now, most of the teams are still quite flexible with cap space as most are under the cap by a fair amount.
  4. Wings at CA Theme Park

    Tatar & Mursak
  5. Money On The Board - Playoff Style

    Series win: $10 (+wins = $20 total) Win: $2.50 $2 for each goal Hudler, Modano, or Helm score $5 for every SHG ((4/14) Edited series win and win for clarity), (4/17) Added Helm to the $2/goal since Modano has been scratched.)
  6. Ken Daniels on VS?

    He also did the Flyers/Rangers game for Hockey Day in America; when the Wings were at the Wild and we had Pat Foley (as previously noted)
  7. Jard Boll

    He filed for arbitration, so he is off limits as far as I know; unless we trade with Columbus to acquire him, which won't happen.
  8. Nikolai Khabibulin On the Market?

    Not possible... Even if Chicago trades him it, very likely it wouldn't be to anyone in the west, let alone their own division. (given they are essentially a lock to make the playoffs - assuming nothing crazy happens with them).
  9. Detroit Red Wings Open House

    From the e-mail I was sent and the same letter that came in the mail as well... "Each Season Ticket Holder of record will be invited with two (2) additional guests, for a total of three (3) tickets. This is in an effort to ensure that each of our loyal Season Ticket Holders receive their autographs. In your RSVP please make note if you will not require all three of your tickets. Tickets will be sent out prior to the event, but only upon receiving an RSVP from the Season Ticket holder of record." Did you RSVP? I am trying to think of when I received mine, it had to be at least a week or two (maybe even more) prior to the first open house date.
  10. Detroit Red Wings Open House

    It is for season ticket holders. I do not think there is another way to get tickets for it. It was on the 17th as well. Your tickets have a station/section of where you will get your guaranteed 3 autographs, and then after that you can wait in any of the overflow lines for other stations which begin when the people guaranteed for that station are done. There is also open skating.
  11. Winter Classic hype

    I got a voicemail Monday before the game against the Ducks. I called back yesterday and secured my tickets. I was offered two seats in section 229, row 7 or section 528, row 2. I took the ones in section 528. I was told they should ship out mid-December (so next 2 weeks-ish).