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  1. sureWhyNot


  2. No they weren't and no they won't. The last three years were two second round exits and a first round ousting. To claim this team, as is, will be contending for anything other then the 5-7th seed is ludicrous. A complete disregard for reality so to say.
  3. sureWhyNot

    2014 Team USA Roster Predictions

    Yes I do. I mean I think it is a common sense type thing more then anything else. Here are a couple excerpts and quotes as well as a defensive selection from someone at hockey prospects: The larger ice surface is a huge element - for either of the North American GM's to not take it into consideration when constructing the team would be insane. NHL surface play is a game of bumper cars while international surface play is more a uptempo, speed based game. I would also like to say again that the defensive 6 in the quote above was not mine, it was a pundits. I am not saying that's 100% what it should be - even though it looks pretty solid.
  4. sureWhyNot

    2014 Team USA Roster Predictions

    No chance for Buff. Carlson or Fowler will lock that spot up. And I be completely honest I don't think either Canada or the US should be favorites in 2014. They simply cannot adjust to the larger ice surface. Here's a fun trivia question. Tell me the last time either North American country won a gold medal in men's ice hockey played on a INTERNATIONAL sized surface?
  5. Please explain to me Bertuzzi's "large" contract.
  6. sureWhyNot

    2014 Team USA Roster Predictions

    Actually you are 100% wrong. They build the team you listed in a way that fit playing on a North American sized rink. 2014 will have us playing on a international sized surface. Not only will Yandle make the team, he will be in the top 4
  7. sureWhyNot

    MY free agent list i would shop this off season

    My perfect world scenario would have the Wings signing Parise, Suter and Konopka. Will it happen? Probably not. But one can dream, right?
  8. sureWhyNot

    The truth of our decline.

    If it is so painstaking then why do you continue I click the links and post in the threads? You are right "we can't win every year." I am not sure anyone would argue this OBVIOUS point. But you can strive to improve every year, use our money to sign free agents, use players, picks to trade for players, etc to make the team better. The Wings have not done this the past 3 years and it's the cause of that some people get frusterated.
  9. sureWhyNot

    Where does Bertuzzi fit?

    Dude, get a clue - I am so sick of ppl chirping Bertuzzi. Is he going to put up 60-70 points next year? No, probably not. *But he was tied for 1st on the Wings amd tied for 9th in the NHL this year with a +23 - and that was against the oppositions top lines as he played the majority of the season on the top unit with Franzen and Datsyuk.* So yeah - I am actually very happy with a guy putting up 40-45 points a year, is incredibly defensibly reliable, is a shootout wizard (tied for 2nd overall in the league with 4 shootout game winners) and is one of the very, very few physical, gritty guys on an obnoxiously soft roster sticking around for another couple years. Especially when his price tag is only 1.8 million a year. Point your finger at someone besides Bertuzzi. The guy is incredibly valuable anywhere you put him.
  10. sureWhyNot

    25 Games for Torres

    I'll say it - the penalty was to harsh. You are right Torres has a history of bad hits, but One could argue that this one was not one of them. I have seen Kronwall make nearly identical hits to the one laid on Hossa. 5-10 games though would have been fine with me. 25 though? Come on man, you can't be seriously defending this decision.
  11. sureWhyNot

    23 game home win streak

    Do you realize you sound just as bad as the people you are criticizing? Everyone on here is a fan - I know some here feel superior to say otherwise when any type of critique is made, but they are. How about this: "I am a bigger fan then you because I am super upset we were the first team eliminated this year. So how about you and your seemingly impervious reaction to the success or the lack there of team that I am a huge fan of can be quiet."
  12. sureWhyNot

    Legwand hides puck in game 4

    Come on now - I think this is grasping at straws. Chris Osgood was the absolute master of knocking the net off its mourings to get a stop in play and Kris Draper was notorious at cheating on face offs but by his own admission "hid it very well". We lost the game and the series because they were the better team - end of story.
  13. sureWhyNot

    If you Could Change Five Outcomes in Hockey History

    I will go even farther and say I wish Moore didn't throw an incredibly dirty hit on Naslund, which injured the then Canuck captain.
  14. sureWhyNot

    Datsyuk's on the ice for today's practice

    Haha agreed. I remember talking to my dad about keeping Hossa or Franzen - the overwhelming consensus was Hossa. I don't remember a lot of people taking the "let Datsyuk walk" stance. I am sure some did but I would imagine it was a small minority of people.
  15. sureWhyNot

    Cleary, Bertuzzi, Hudler and Franzen

    Bertuzzi is a +21 and has 30 points while missing a handful of games. He plays night in and night out against other teams top lines. I know he has the luxury of playing aside Datsyuk but tht said I couldn't be happier with Big Bert's play. I am very happy he signe a 2 year deal.