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  1. This win ends the second 12-game Away Losing Streak v. Philadelphia in Club History, tieing the Club Record against them, with the first one stretching from 14/10/1973 to 19/11/1978, including 2 shutouts and no overtime games. This most recent streak also included 2 shutouts and 1 overtime game.
  2. it's almost-finest: Last night marked the tenth time the Club has had a record of 4-2 after their first six games. However, it's only the second time that two losses to begin the season were followed by four wins, the other season being 1926-27. If they haven't already, ESB is more than welcome to use this.
  3. cusimano_brothers

  4. "Hockey Night Heroes: Great Canadian Forwards". From nhl dot calm: Unveiling of the "Hockey Night Heroes: Great Canadian Forwards" stamps at the HHoF, 23/09/2016.
  5. It would be remiss on my part, as an OF-FI / Forum Resident / CPC Retiree, if I did not make this information available to those at LGW, who may be interested in this new collection of postage stamps being offered by the Canada Post Corporation. Link 1: the CBC Link 2: the CPC
  6. Sad news. I would see him do the sports on CITY-TV, Toronto ON and you knew that wasn't going to be his last job. I had forgotten that he was the original television play-by-playannouncer of the Raptors. The Saunders brothers: John and Bernie, Western Michigan University, 1976.
  7. This article, from the New York Times, might fit in quite nicely right about here (especially since Uncle Gary hates having to answer to a higher being than himself): N.H.L. Commissioner Gary Bettman Continues to Deny C.T.E. Link
  8. "Aislin" - Montréal Gazette.
  9. "Pascal" - Montréal Gazette.
  10. Theo Moudakis, Toronto Star.
  11. "Viva La Secret" by Tim Dolighan.
  12. "Aislin", Montréal Gazette; originally done in 2014.
  13. Time, once again, for the annual event.
  14. GDT

  15. GDT

    This deals with the completion of the game of 03/02 v. Tampa Bay. New Club record, Most Close-decision games (games decided by either 1 or 2 goals), first 50 games, Season: 43, breaking the old record by 3, set in 2008-09.