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    My interests are simple....I like hockey. I like to play hockey, and I love watching the Wings! I go to every home game, and travel to watch the Wings play on the road at least once a year. There's nothing better to do with your time and money!!

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  1. Yzersyukstromberg


  2. Yzersyukstromberg

    Olympic Captaincy

    I'm sorry, I couldn't resist...yes, it was a joke. It's Morozov.
  3. Yzersyukstromberg

    Olympic Captaincy

    Russia's captain is not Morozov, it's former Red Wing, #95 Danny Markov
  4. Yzersyukstromberg

    New Organ at the Joe

    I absolutely loved it....wish they'd use it every game, and turn up the damn volume...great addition! That's old time hockey...
  5. Yzersyukstromberg

    Wings make final roster cuts

    Daniel Larsson was sent to the Griffins, and hence, his salary does not count against the cap.
  6. Yzersyukstromberg

    Season Ticket Holders - FYI

    That's total bulls***. My season ticket rep will be getting a call from me as well. Doesn't surprise me though...they're always taking things away from us. What a joke.
  7. Yzersyukstromberg

    Nick Lidstrom

    Not a chance in the world he hangs 'em up after this season. Nick's situation at his age is much different than Stevie's was (for example). Nick is still one of the best, if not the best, player at his position in the NHL. At this age, Stevie Y had been battered by injuries, and his retirement was caused 100% because of that. I'd say that Nick will go the route of 1 year contracts after this season, but will probably stay around for another 3 years, if we're lucky!
  8. Yzersyukstromberg

    Funny thing about the "attack site"

    I thought it was 'Michigander' ? No?
  9. Yzersyukstromberg

    What will you do _IF_ Penguins win on friday?

    I'll run directly out the doors of the Joe, and sprint directly towards the Detroit River, hop the rail, and jump in...hoping that the current will take me far, far away from all of the Cindy Crosby media coverage that will happen after he and Uncle Gary share a kiss rather than a handshake before the Cup presentation... But, luckily, I'm not going to have to do any of that, because the Wings are NOT losing on home ice...not this time. GO WINGS! BRING IT BACK HOME BOYS!!
  10. Yzersyukstromberg

    Katrina Hancock

    She absolutely DOES NOT have a nice ass. Sorry. I was at the game last night, talked to her, and she actually has a big ass. Just my opinion though. Nice pair, though, yes.
  11. Yzersyukstromberg

    Going to Pittsburgh tm, any suggestions?

    Myself and a friend are heading down to the game in Pittsburgh tomorrow. After some of the stories I've heard on here, and elsewhere, I'm still looking forward to the day, but won't be surprised if we're treated harshly by the fans there. All I know for sure is that, as a Red Wings season ticket holder, I treated each and every Pens fan I bumped in to at the Joe with respect, and while I wasn't afraid to give them a bit of a ribbing, I made sure that I didn't act ignorantly towards them. These people are tourists, and we all know that the city of Detroit needs as many as they can get these days...no need to ruin anyone's experience, especially when you consider the cost of Stanley Cup tickets. Like some others have said, I think my best approach will be to keep to myself, show respect for the fans and the city, and hope for the best! It should be a great experience, but I'm really hoping that nothing happens that would sour the whole experience.
  12. Yzersyukstromberg

    Mellon Arena

    if you're wearing a Red Wings jersey, rest assured that it WILL be hard.
  13. Yzersyukstromberg

    Which would you rather see?

    How exactly do you propose for that to happen???
  14. Yzersyukstromberg

    Which would you rather see?

    Simple...I want the Wings to walk away with the Cup on Pittsburgh's home ice for a second straight season...mainly because I'm traveling there for the game tomorrow. GO WINGS!
  15. Yzersyukstromberg


    The word I'm hearing on the 97.1 the Ticket is that they're not allowing the Penguins to show the game on the big screen outside of Mellon Arena, either...so at least it's not just us who are getting f*cked by NBC. It's going to take a last ditch effort by both cities to get this reversed in time for the game tomorrow....