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  1. This is not new, the Wings have had trouble scoring consistantly for the last 3-4 years. Fresh blood is the answer. Sammy, Cleary are water trash. Burtuzzi is old and lazy. Franzen is lazy, and Weiss was a HUGE waste of money. Flipulla was always a superior player, with the higher potential. I thought moving to the East would help the Wings, less travel, fresh division, new opponents, but no. Same old problems. Same old roster filled with the same familar street bums. Next season, Quiency, Cleary, Bert, Sammy, should all be sent out to pasture to die. Wastes of cap space. Get the rookies in here, they may suck for half a season, but at least they have the potential, and the desire, to win and play well.
  2. We don't know what the Wings actually offered him. And you best believe he would of signed with the Wings over the Devils if Holland would of called him up a week ago and gave him the same offer. 2.5 million is a discount considering how he actually performed last season, and is a HUGE discount considering his potential. The Wings missed the boat on this one. It makes no sense really. Brunner has a much higher ceiling than Weiss, and they gave him 5 milllion a season. What a joke. I'll bet you $20 Brunner gets more points than Weiss this season.
  3. The league should of stood its ground on these long term contracts. 5 years max is ideal.
  4. Huge mistake not resigning him. He is a legitimate top 6 forward, and as I've said multiple times. I will bet ANYONE $10 he scores 30+ goals this year. No question. The Wings screwed up big time.
  5. Holland didn't want to go that high. Lets say he did sign him right now for 3 million, the Wings would be over the cap by 1 million. Plus three must sign RFA's need to get raises. And we would have 17 forwards signed counting Gustav and Andersson. He should trade Sammy for a 7th round pick. It's Hollands fault Brunner isn't a Wing, the guy loved playing here.
  6. A Lannister always pays his debts.
  7. HUGE MISTAKE BY HOLLAND. Brunner will score more goals than Tatar, Helm, Nyquest, Anderson COMBINED. I'll bet anyone $20. Pay him 4 million a season if that's what it takes.
  8. Yet to be seen. It almost seemed like he played better as the #2-3 D-man a few years ago.
  9. Trade Sammy and Quiency, and a 2nd round pick to the Islanders for a 7th round pick. Sign Brunner for 4 years at 2.5 per. DONE.
  10. The Bruins are a beast. Best top 6 in the league now with Iginla and Ericcson. Top 3 goalie and defenseman in the league with Rask and Chara.
  11. Won't be happy unless Brunner comes back, he's our 4th best forward by far and only wants 2.5-3 million a season. GETTER DONE KENNY, SIGN HIM NOW, WORRY ABOUT THE CAP LATTER.
  12. You have no idea what they offered him. Only a dozen people in the world know. If they offered him 2-3 years at 2.5-3, he would of taken it. Brunner is a STUD, he should stay, and Kenny should do everything in his power to keep him. His potential is higher than every single player on the team not named Dats or Z.
  13. Clarkson? The guy has 170 points in 426 career games. He had ONE good season and scored 30 goals in 80 games. The guy is over-rated, and now overpaid. Grabovski is a much better player than Clarkson, what an idiotic move by the Leafs. Ryan could of been had, and he would of been a difference maker. The Wings and this current roster are slightly better than last seasons (assuming all the RFA's come back), If they want to be a top 5 contender, like Boston for example, they need another top 6 forward or a top 2 D-man. The Wings have space, but it is currently wasted on Sammy and Bert. Brunner >> Tatar and Nyquist. I don't know what any of you are talking about. Simply replacing Bert and Sammy with Brunner and Jagr would instantly make us a top 3 Cup contender. Getter done Kenny!
  14. lgw

    Maybe Bert or Sammy will be injured and can be stuck on LTIR to save cap space. Signing all 3 is of paramount importance.
  15. Stop ripping Flippula. I will bet ANYONE $20 Flipulla has a career year next season. Anyone can be a #1 center, the only thing that matters is chemistry with line mates.