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  1. Wings got the talent, but what about the coaching?

    So basically everyone is going to disagree with me because I have some complaints about the Wings this season?
  2. Wings got the talent, but what about the coaching?

    You haven't seen how Lidstrom's been playing the last few games? Teams always tend to dump the puck into his side because he's older and can barely battle. I never said he was a bad player, but I think he's just getting old. Did you the the Stars vs Detroit Red Wings? Lidstrom moved out of the way and gave the Stars player the open slot. It was like a shootout!
  3. We've all seen the Wings this year and how they've still got great depth and a roster that is by far one of the best in the league. The one thing that's bothering me is the coaching. It seems every game we're just holding on by a one goal lead and when ever we lose it's by two or three goals. I'm really starting to think that Todd McLellan was a huge part of making the 2007-2008 Stanley Cup Champions, Detroit's defense last year was unbelievable. But that's the past... Lately Mike Babcock has been changing up the lines quite a bit this season. All the lines are mix-matched and there's no consistency through out the game (the Dallas Stars game is one example that was embarrassing). Mike Babcock thinks he has to swap the lines up because Marian Hossa is here, that's not the case. Zetterberg and Datsyuk were incredible last year due to their playing experience together and chemistry they had. Sure, new lines mates can build new chemistry, but that's going to take a while. I think the lines should have stayed the same and add Hossa with Franzen and Flippula. You saw how Flippula was setting up Franzen last year with his straight on passes, so why not add Hossa into the bunch? Not Zetterberg, Franzen, and Holmstrom. Why have two big guys? Hossa's big but he's not the type who stands in front of the net. Sorry about the ranting, but I think a few things need to be cleaned up to give the Wings a kick start. What's Daniel Cleary doing up with Hank and Pav? Even Hossa? I'd throw him with Hudler and Samuelsson. Cleary's not the type of player that can keep with the pace or even playing style with Z, Pav, or Hossa. He does decent when he's playing with teammates that play his style. Lines that I want- (forwards wise) Zetterberg-Datsyuk-Holmstrom Hossa-Flippula-Franzen Cleary-Hudler-Samuelsson Maltby-Draper-Kopecky Defensive paring Kronwall-Rafalski Lidstrom-Staurt Lelja-Lebda Chelios-Meech What do you think? Seriously though something needs to be done about their defense...BRAD MCCRIMMION YOU SUCK!