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  1. wings in 5
  2. that goalie has horrible reactions.
  3. too bad all 4 couldn't stay up
  4. trade lilja and let lidstrom play all 60 minutes
  5. they should have done this on Day 1 of the season
  6. bettman is a ****** bag
  7. I haven't been to a game in awhile but they used to play The Launch by DJ Jean. They play/played Hells Bells by AC/DC also.
  8. I couldn't have said it any better...
  9. yeah I have noticed that too with datsyuk. This is really like the first season where he gets fired up over all his goals. He used to be like zetterberg and not really care(for lack of a better word) about the goal.
  10. lmao that is hilarious!
  11. sure downey doesn't have the best skills out there on the ice, but he would for sure play harder during his shifts than kopecky ever does. I think we should bring him up. He will probably even score before maltby does too.
  12. not to burst any bubbles here but that goal wasn't that amazing.
  13. crosbitch
  14. Kind of a stupid question, but does anyone know where you can get the mouth guard that zetterberg uses? I have checked many websites and still no luck. Its the clear one and almost like a low profile one because you can't even tell he is wearing it. Franzen has the same style mouth guard I believe. Thanks.
  15. anyone else think kopecky needs to pull his pants up? he looks like a 16 year old who thinks rap music is a way of life