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  1. Anyway, rather than subject myself to DocHoliday doing the internet equivalent of writhing around on the floor with his hands over his ears screaming "IT ISN'T TRUE" repeatedly, I think I'll find something else to do. To all of you who laid the Stanley Cup loss at Hossa's feet: enjoy the crow.
  2. Wow haha that's hilarious!* As unfunny as it is inapplicable (I used one line of all-caps).
  3. I honestly don't care how one line of text is received (not it's content, but it's form) by a bunch of anonymous people on the internet. Tell me more about an online conversation "ending in tears," though. Do you really take this that seriously? Really?
  4. You're so desperate to save face that you're exploiting whatever iota of doubt that still exists as a last-ditch effort to one-up me. Maybe instead of faulting me for introducing some information that vindicates Hossa, you should come to grips with the fact that he left the team and that you've now lost your scapegoat. The only person acting like a child is the one whose arguments resemble those of a child. Hint: it's not me. Going forward, he's a pearl of wisdom: adults can use capital letters to.
  5. Oh golly gee gosh darn let's assess my use of capital letters!
  6. The final refuge of child-like argumentation: "no definitive proof." No, I'm not a doctor, and I haven't inspect his shoulder myself. I haven't spoken to a doctor either. I do have an article from a reliable source. That more than carries my burden. Grow up, then get back to me. Maybe you'll develop some common sense along the way.
  7. HAHA YOU EDITED YOUR POST TO REMOVE THE PART WHERE YOU SAID IT DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING ABOUT THE PLAYOFFS. HAHAHAHAHA Regardless, t's called common sense. Or do you think he tore his rotator cuff resting during the brief off-season he's had so far? He certainly hasn't started his training for the new year.
  8. http://blogs.dailyherald.com/node/2302
  9. Yes, he did, and it was an inane assumption. Attribute Hossa's word choice to the fact that he doesn't speak English all that well. What's xmachine's excuse?
  10. YOU PUT ME IN MY PLACE? HAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA We disagreed over Campbell's utility. I conceded he's overpaid. Then I reminded you that the Wings are dedicating nearly five million dollars of cap space to dead weight, including Holmstrom, Draper, Maltby. You didn't reply. The thought of you putting ANYONE in their place is beyond hilarious. It makes me wonder about your mental wherewithal. Then again, you can barely speak the language (His choice of words "are" bad? Did you drop out of grade school?). It's only fitting that your weak grasp on the language precipitated this thread in the first place.
  11. For God's sake. Yet another asinine post from xtrememachine. "A hockey town. Not "Hockey Town" or "THE hockey town," but "a hockey town." Chicago most certainly qualifies now, based on its ability to sell out a 20,000-seat arena for every home game last year. One of the dumbest threads I've ever seen here.
  12. Jesus, this Snazzy kid is one of the biggest tools I've ever encountered. The whole tough guy act can't mask his total incompetence, unfortunately. You referred to Hossa as a cancer, which is an absolute joke of a statement. When Hossa gets 30+ more points than Franzen next year, I'll be sure to laugh at you.
  13. For his own sake, I hope Snazzy isn't a day over 14 years old.
  14. "Hossa is probably the main factor destroying their organization, and he will be the cause that Hawks' future is going to be f***ed. What a cancer, glad he's gone, cause that could be us right now..." Maybe you're the one who should give reading a shot.
  15. Calling Hossa a cancer is a new low by LGW standards. None of his teammates in any organization have ever had anything bad to say about him, save for Max Talbot, who can't help but run his mouth and score his 20 regular season points. The organization may be classy, but you couldn't locate class in a Ritz Carlton. Stop acting like a spurned child. Christ, the pathetic behavior of some of you here never ceases to amaze me.