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  1. I think I seen one dude in the game thread.... Anyone else going? I got some nose bleeds but so, so worth it. Being in the Army and stationed in Colorado Springs I thought it would suck, but come to think of it this is great because I get to see the best games. Wont be here much longer. Oh it's been so long since I've been to a Wings game though - Just got back from a 15 month deployment so I missed all of last season. My wife is going and I told her she has to wear one of my red wing jerseys... She asked why... I told her it's because taking s*** at a game is part of the fun. Plus it shows who's the boss. Whether we win or lose we still get to boast about who has a shot at the playoffs.
  2. Any Word on Lidstrom?

    This sucks. Think he'll play tonight? I'm going to the game tonight and really wanted to see him play.