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  1. Moni

    Tootoo does it agian

    But Probert getting caught crossing the bridge with drugs does?
  2. Moni

    chelios and winter classic

    Winter Classic doesn't matter for the standings. I do think Chelios should get to play. From what I have read Lidstrom is still having problems getting a skate on and laced, I love Lidstrom but I don't see him playing for a little while. As much as the Captain would love to play in the Winter Classic I don't think he'll physically be able to do it. I'd rather see Lidstrom sit out, not so that Chelios could play (though that would be the outcome) but so that he is 100% before going back out. I'd hate to see Lidstrom get a serious injury trying to rush back out.
  3. Moni

    Tootoo does it agian

    Call me stupid but is there a reason the 'TooToo' whistle looks like a penis?
  4. Moni

    Sammy not practicing

    That is a joke right ...
  5. I have to agree with this. After all of the crying during the play offs I can only assume that they have told Kronwall to lay off the 'charging'. There were a few times in past games this season that I have said to my husband "Kronwall just needs to level [insert name here]" They keep referring to him as 'Nick Jr.' I don't know if they are trying to groom him to be more Lidstrom like or if it is just the fact they both are defensive Swedes named Nick. But yes defense needs to be more physical. I don't follow the minors all that closely but from the articles my husband has sent me (yeah he's out of work god bless the michigan economy and doing a lot more reading online) it sounds like Howard is starting to slip. I guess not only is Larson doing great but McCullum whom the Wings just drafted this year is doing phenomenal (I don't think he is anywhere near ready for NHL but he is a great prospect).
  6. Moni

    A travesty on hockey's good name

    All I can do is shake my head. :nonono:
  7. Moni

    LOL check out this GEM of a Topic....

    If the `hawks are a dynasty what does that make the Penguins? or the Wings even?
  8. Moni

    Sammy not practicing

    I believe Drapes still has three more seasons on his... ***side note*** They are younger than Lidstrom.
  9. It could happen. That's why a lot of people wont mess with a good thing. I agree with others that have said he's a play off / wing / duck plan b. If you can't beat them BEAT them.
  10. Moni

    Sammy not practicing

    Drapes isn't going anywhere. He is too valuable for face offs. Everyone is trashing the older guys and wanting these young ones.... did you all forget the old guys beat the young ones for the cup.
  11. Moni

    What do you think could jumpstart the Wings?

    LMAO yeah lets bring Kocur and Probert back I have to agree with the idea that the Wings wont step up until play offs or shortly before, they know they are going to the play off's. Why waste the energy in regular season? Only reason I can think of is because 'practice makes permeant' (yeah I know the common phrase is perfect but if you don't practice something correctly you wont do it correctly). Lidstrom is my favorite player, but if the team is going to lose every game without him there is a problem. Lidstrom wont be playing forever (unlike Chelios who doesn't appear to be going anywhere). As pointed out already he's only missed 5 periods it is not something I am overly concerned with YET. The rest of the D men DO need to step up. It isn't a TEAM to have to rely on a single player all the time. Not that I'd wish it on anyone but s*** happens its life we all remember what happened with the limo.... Last word on the Defense - STEP IT UP - the forwards are doing their job and scoring (yeah the d-men are too) its time we defend our goalie so that I don't have an anxiety attack every time we play in our defensive zone.
  12. Moni

    How about this idea

    Can we get any worse of an idea? I guess if we threw Lidstrom in there. Cleary is one of the few that gives it his all every time he's on the ice. Kronwall is a great up and comer. Raffy is overpaid. Lebda can go.
  13. Moni

    What do you think could jumpstart the Wings?

    We need better defense that is all there is too it. Not to rain on the Lidstrom parade but the guy can't do it all. With him out its only going to start slipping unless the dmen we have step up their game. I like Kronwall, Stuart, and Lilja (Lidstrom is a no brainer but he's out right now). Raffy is over paid, Lebda has been benched once already, Chelios needs to retire - love the guy but he's not the same from years past - he'd make on hell of a defense coach and it would free up cap space.
  14. Moni

    Sammy not practicing

    Lidstroms not back yet
  15. Moni

    Sammy not practicing

    I'm not a Sammy fan, but I don't like to see injured players either. Now I kind of feel bad that in another thread I just said trade him...