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  1. I can never get your link to work! Hyperlink always includes the shortened version... very frustrating!

  2. Ericsson leaves hospital to go watch WCF Game #5

    Pictures of his girlfriend or it never happened.
  3. Fate of the Joe

    Yeah, all the new arenas or stadiums that are built have horrible seating unless your are rich.
  4. Fate of the Joe

    I would love to have a Detroit Red Wings bond in my portfolio, as long as the payments are tickets and intimate dinners with players.
  5. Kenny, Get an Enforcer Now!

    Catch a lot of Griffins games on the tube in da U.K.?
  6. Claude Lemieux just turtled AGAIN

    Half the people on this website, including myself, have zero idea what a hyperbole is. Maybe a really fast bowl that can potentially hold cereal. Lilja would destroy him, Downey would have a field day.
  7. Pav's one liners

    Quoted for truth.
  8. Cherepanov took steroids as well...

    Shame he died, steroids or not.