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  1. Keith Yandle to be Traded?

    Look up his "compromising Photo" of TSN's derren Dreger and then tell me if you think he is still real... It turned out to be a terribly photo-shopped picture of a hockeyyinsiderr profile picture. Yet this guy is suppose to be spot on right? For example, he Tweeted the wings offered semin a deal worth 11m for 2 years.. Which never happened, Semins agent told the media talks between Semin and the wings never got anywhere. If you guys think he is credible then that's fine, however from what I've read .. it's not worth it.
  2. Keith Yandle to be Traded?

    When I first read this and seen who tweeted the update.. I thought it was bogus for sure. (@hockeyyinsiderr is a joke).. however, I've read several times from different sites that the Wings are the front runners to obtain Yandle. However just to be clear, ((@HockeyyInsiderr)) is a fraud and is NOT a reliable source. He is the one who tweeted saying Parise had a verbal agreement with PIT and Suter had a verbal agreement with DET.. case closed.
  3. This is why Commodore was the best signing ever...

    Hilarious.. I love it!
  4. Red Wings Sign Conklin and Exelby?

    I personally like the Conks sign. He had his career year with the wings and proved to us that he is indeed a solid backup. Considering it probably didn't take much to lock him up.. we still have plenty of room under the cap to make a deal either now or at the deadline. Good move Kenny!