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  1. WCQF Game 2 GDT : Red Wings 3, at Nashville Predators 2

    It's funny that every year the wings are one of the least penalized teams in the league during the regular season. Once the playoffs come around all of a sudden they are a bunch of goons in the refs eyes. They, on average, are killing at least one 30+ second 5 on 3 per game now. Not sure if that happened 5 times all season. Hopefully well get some calls back home. Doubt it.
  2. Caps Fire Bruce Boudreau

    About time.
  3. What can be done to go East?

    Keep the wings in the west, but once playoffs start seed the league from 1 to 16 with the division winners getting the top bids. Two divisions in each conference is probably best. That way any matchup is possible for the finals and the travel isnt biased during the playoffs. Wings will still be in the stronger conference during the regular season. Opens it up for some interesting SCF matchups. Just a thought.
  4. WCQF Game 3 GDT: Red Wings 4 at Coyotes 2

    It's nice having a game where datsyuk is invisible by his standards, yet were up 3-0. Gotta like the secondary this game
  5. Have you lost confidence in certain players?

    Lidstrom has been a huge disappointment offensively. With all the PP time he gets and overall ice time you'd think he would have more than 1 goal. Having the worst shooting percentage in the league is not for a multiple norris winner.
  6. Grading the Red Wings: Midseason report card

    Solid season so far. When they get ready for a game, theyre pretty unbeatable. especially in a 7 game series Dan Cleary: B+ (recovered well from the eye injury) Pavel Datsyuk: A+ (always amazes...team mvp so far) Kris Draper: C- (pretty invisible most games, +/- is pretty gross) Valtteri Filppula: D (see draper, but also gets $3mil/season) Johan Franzen: B+ (not standing out as much as the playoffs, but still playing well) Tomas Holmstrom: B (his style doesn't really improve or get worse, cant complain about consistency) Marian Hossa: A- (playing good so far..i think we knew getting him that he's kinda streaky, but when he's on he's the best player on the ice) Jiri Hudler: A (cant really ask much more from him given his playtime and his linemates when hes not on the PP) Tomas Kopecky: D+ (It seems like he falls on his ass at least once a shift, gives dirty hits, but doesn't fight....or score) Kirk Maltby: C- (whatever....nice goal against dallas) Darren McCarty: NA (stay on the griffins) Mikael Samuelsson: B (doing well for a line 2/3 player) Henrik Zetterberg: B+ (I know he's called himself out to play better, but he's just not dominating like he can. Still, the line 1B center of our team right now) Chris Chelios: NA (please retire next season) Nicklas Kronwall: C (hopefully hes a playoff defenseman) Brett Lebda: C+ (cant really give him too much more after that start, but he's rebounded nicely) Nick Lidstrom: A- (even when he's not playing great he's still one of the best D in the league) Andreas Lilja: B (turning into a solid defensive defenseman) Derek Meech: B- (from what i've seen from him he has looked solid....needs to work on turnovers) Brian Rafalski: B (good offensive D, but he turns the puck over more than any of our D it seems) Brad Stuart: B (solid top 4 D) Ty Conklin: A (doing what ozzie was doing to hasek last season) Chris Osgood: C- (says he's feels 100% for the first time this season so well see if he's right)