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  1. Absolutely I'd be surprised. We're two games into the regular season. I hardly think that's telling of anything in terms of playoff potential.
  2. No, no, and no.
  3. Well... baby steps?
  4. You may see some this season. It seems to me we've added some more muscle.
  5. Lol, I remember you too. And yes, it certainly has.
  6. Newly empty, thanks to this 5-on-3 call scaring it all out of me. Okay okay.. that was gross...
  7. I had a heart attack there for a split second.
  8. I'm expecting big things this season in regards to PK with the shifting focus on defense.
  9. Maybe we got that little push we needed yesterday. Hopefully, anyway. BIG save, Howard. Well done!
  10. I'm loving this crashing/peppering the net idea.
  11. Oh no... Kronwall, say it isn't so!
  12. That makes sense. I was thinking "Man, the Blues fans seem so much more subdued today." Haha. On another note: The Blues are getting really frustrated. Great work, Wings! Now hold onto this through the rest of the game!
  13. Is it just me or does it seem like the crowd was cheering a lot more for the Blues yesterday and more for the Wings today?
  14. Bummer. -.- Well, even with that goal being disallowed, I am not regretting my decision to buy my Cleary jersey last year.