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  1. taxidermistWINGSfan


  2. taxidermistWINGSfan

    Red Wings' Darren McCarty back on the ice

    that was awesome! i was like man, that voice sounds so firmilliar... lol i figured it out real quick... he could take over for mic
  3. taxidermistWINGSfan

    2/8 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Penguins 0

    dear pits, thanks for hossa and conklin, your right, they ARE awsome! sincerely, the better team.
  4. taxidermistWINGSfan

    Should the Red Wings Fire Assistant Coach Brad McCrimmon?

    i have put the blame on that guy since about the 20th game of the season... i just dont like him.
  5. taxidermistWINGSfan

    1/31 GDT: Capitals 4, Red Wings 2

    that leino goal was disgusting! i can see the hype behind this kid now... holy crap was that sick... awesome patience.
  6. taxidermistWINGSfan

    Ideas for Protest sign in Columbus

    im partial to Buck Fettman
  7. taxidermistWINGSfan

    TSN Top 10 Shootout Goals of far

    blakes #3 goal is sweet as all hell, but i have to ask, isnt it tech illegal in a shootout? i thought the rule was that the puck must maintain a forward motion in that it doesnt turn back... in a sense, you can skate behind the net for a wrap around exct... doesnt his spin violate that? or is this just a phantom rule im making up? im not sure. some one clear that up for me.
  8. taxidermistWINGSfan

    Goalie Issues...

    this game cant be blamed on conks... no way no how... id give a sliver of credit to the reffing or lack there of... ***cough couch bryzgolov's bs on holmer 3x in the game not being called cough cough*** and the crap lower end d pairings... funny i called into the ticket tonight to make a comment about the lower d pairing and ironically they scratch lebda who i was talking about on the radio...
  9. taxidermistWINGSfan

    1/17 GDT: Sharks 6, Red Wings 5

    whos insulting? insinuating that your drunk only means that you arent thinking clearly... but have no fear, im not about to be baited into a net fight... so calm down. i blame lebda just as much as i blame ozzy tonight incase ya missed that one to... this game sucked to see lost, but im now leaving for bed and hopefuly ill be over it in the am.
  10. taxidermistWINGSfan

    1/17 GDT: Sharks 6, Red Wings 5

    ooooooooooooooohhhhh my bad! he had two god save once this season in one game... against a team whos leading scorers and half the team are out of the line up... my bad... forgive me all mighty goddess of the wings knowledge... so hes got the highest win %... hes got horrible GA and hes let in already in 24 games the amount of goals he had all last season... your confident in that? cuz im sure not... id much rather see conks... night in and night out, unil he gets cold... let ozzy sit and work out his game mentaly and physcaly in practice... hes not worth a damn in these big games. and if you cant see that, well, i guess you should have another drink...
  11. taxidermistWINGSfan

    1/17 GDT: Sharks 6, Red Wings 5

    EXACTLY! thank you. i do blame alot on the lebda as well... this kid just makes way to many turnovers that result in breaks for the oposition.
  12. taxidermistWINGSfan

    1/17 GDT: Sharks 6, Red Wings 5

    whats pathetic is his record this season along w/ his records the seasons after he has won the cup. last year ozzy was insane all season. i was confident when he was in net... this season i was holding on, holding on, giving him the benefit of the doubt... you saying his play this season isnt bad is the pathetic statement... hes not playing cup winning games... i havent seen one solid game from him this season... not one.
  13. taxidermistWINGSfan

    1/17 GDT: Sharks 6, Red Wings 5

    i wrote the game off as a loss as soon as i saw ozzy in net... i cant belive for the life of me what babs was thinking putting ozzy in when conks is coming off a chut out last game, and the shut out against the sharks back last month, the 6-0 win... i cant understand what crawls up ozzy's ass the year after he wins a cup? disappointed to say the least.
  14. taxidermistWINGSfan

    The Vote is on Thursday.

    ok i dont follow cap or any of that because it realy doesnt interest me... but im trying to understand the article. what i gather is the players are going to vote on weather or not the like the cap and weather or not it should stay or go back to how it was prior to the cap?
  15. taxidermistWINGSfan

    Summer 2010: Use Lidstrom's cap space to sign Luongo?

    first i just dont see nick hanging them up after the 2010 season... not going to happen imo. he'll go to a 2 year contract and then subsequently 1 years until hes ready... i agree w/ the wings going w/ their prospects, however i dont see that being howard, and i sure hope im right. at this point consider larson the number one priority dispite who they "would bring up this year" the only reason howard gets the nod over larson to come up in event of injury is because he has nhl experience... i see larson becoming the goalie gem of the future, and howard either moving on via a trade or staying a carrier griffon. so i would say no, i cant see the wings signing luongo... but itd be sweet if they did/could.