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  1. While looking for this I found this Which is even more hysterical.
  2. How can you hate the Drake? Everyone loves the Drake. It's those quiet talkers you have to watch out for.
  3. I looked around a little and didn 't see a thread on this so if there is one sorry. Sounds like a fun night. The question is though, would you buy/wear one of these?
  4. It's the name on the front that matters. Ahh I kid, I agree and can't say I look forward to watching the Red Army play a US amateur team again. Herb Brooks won't be around this time.
  5. I'm beta testing right now and not really enjoying it. The interface seems clunky. Games locked up 6 times already, which it's beta I get it, but still aggravating. I can't see me buying and paying monthly for it.
  6. Glad I'm not the little women waiting for Patty to get home where he could really blow some steam off. I can't see him lasting the year. Fired, breakdown, exhaustion, suspension something will bite him.
  7. You can get Vernor's in N. Dak? The last time I visited a friend who lived in Alabama I asked what she wanted me to bring her. 3 cases of Vernor's and 2 sacks of Bate's hamburgers did the trick. Before even asking me how my trip went she insisted on cracking a Vernor's first.
  8. And the players we gunned for were happy we were gunning for them. Looking at you Luc and Dom
  9. I recently purchased a new pc, A+rig, and found Steam was running a deal on Skyrim. I already had it for the ps3 but for the price, over 1/2 off, I decided to pick it up. The modding community for the game is incredible, it's like playing a different game. Also picked up Torchlight2 and having a good time with that. I hope to get my hands on Boishock: Infinite soon, the trailers I've watched have been off the hook.
  10. Jesus Christ
  11. From time to time people around here argue about who should go up in the rafters next. Well, I know who I would put up there next. The Wings need to use a tape of him the final minute of every period as well.
  12. Payback for not suspending Weber in the first round. Hockey Gods are cruel gods.
  13. LGW

    Me too. Without negs how am I going to know who to hate? Oh well.