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  1. Uhm...yeah. I love it when people make me look like a normal person. The person below me can bite their toenails.
  2. I heard Gretzky is taking the whole team bowling tomorrow.
  3. Brilliant Adventure - David Bowie (I think that's what it's called)
  4. don't go to this one...dude keeps interrupting with Flyers videos.
  5. Mom was ok, sadly, not best friend. The person below me thinks I have weird posts in this thread.
  6. Thanks people. Much appreciated.
  7. If anybody has a link for tonight's game, it would be really, really awesome. Thanks.
  8. Blessing in Disguise - Seven Mary Three
  9. Just my wife...does she count? Yeah, she's a someone. The person below me just farted.
  10. Sympathy For The Devil - Rolling Stones
  11. Never had the underoos. The person below has a remote car starter, and is glad they do.
  12. You posted here to so that you could read others posts that agree with you. It did not happen 100%, and you started getting pissy with others. Normal thread? Maybe, maybe not, but the responses were not what you expected and even said you didn't want to hear them. This city? I don't live in Detroit. I've been there many times and enjoyed some great hockey. You keep bringing up the whole Hockeytown thing, although not in this particular post, like you have the ability to have it removed as the nickname for Detroit. Delusions of grandeur? I think so. Osgod and I have never spoken, nor have we chatted online. This shows how you have issues with people who agree, but not with you. Post your ramblings, mikiemike24, I'll reply no more to them. Your superiority complex has driven me to completely and utterly not give a damn what you have to say.
  13. Nope, too much snow for that bs. The person below me wishes Hossa well.
  14. I think, at best, ****** bags are equal to you. People who say "troll" are just talking about you. You have now lost any little bit of sympathy I may have had for your plight. Take your elitist attitude to a Montreal site.
  15. The hit looked late to me.