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  1. I'm just saying at this particular point in time, he will be playing on the third line for the most part.
  2. Seeing how no one has pointed this out, I thought I would be the first. Anyone not a little pissed off that we have 6.3 million and change in our bottom two d-man? What is Ian White thinking in all of this? lol
  3. Trades on the table for the draft?

    I'm not sure why everyone isn't sold on Filppula? Guy is young, has wheels, has tremendous hockey sense, is slowly becoming more of an offensive threat. For us to throw him in on a trade and a first round pick would be a tremendous amount of talent going across. Not sure why we would want to part with Flip and probably a top six forward for Burns. hitting free agency is our best bet. Unless we can throw in someone we don't want, a.k.a Hudler.
  4. 10/14 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Stars 4

    Babcock, Pretty sure that last year we figured out who the starting goalie is. Osgood.. SV% of .500
  5. Aside from the addition of Hudler, Salei, and another year of experience for Helm and Abdelkader, is Mike Modano this year's Dallas Drake? Is he the missing link that will drive the 2010-2011 Red Wings to a Stanley Cup Championship? Let me know your thoughts. I just have a really good feeling about this year. Go Wings, Stevie
  6. Destinations for Un-signed players?

    Frolov is going to NYR. And pretty bold predictions as far as some of the UFA's. Modano will not retire (not saying he will be a Wing), and Kovalchuk will be a Devil. Too much in his favour, especially considering that there is an absence of literature in the CBA against the severity of his contract.
  7. Nabokov leaves the NHL, signs with KHL

    Here's the Link
  8. Brett Lebda signs with Toronto

    "A two year deal for very little money for a very underrated defenseman. Red Wings fans can not be pleases they lost him..." Quote by Eklund on his site. HA HA HA. I love the very little money part.
  9. Red Wings Making Play for Modano

    Well at least the Tigers are putting on a show for Mikey. Cabrera just hit a two run dinger to tie it up in the bottom of the 9th. Pull out a W and give us good news tomorrow!!!
  10. Red Wings Making Play for Modano

    I just finished reading a couple of articles about Chicago in on the Modano sweepstakes. I got this eerie feeling that if he signs there it will backfire on us and he will be a huge addition to their lineup. (cough, Hossa, cough)
  11. Red Wings Making Play for Modano

    Keep us posted!!
  12. Red Wings Making Play for Modano

    Modano is considering the Hawks too. I dont think we have to worry about him going there with their cap issues, especially with their perfomance bonus deduction of over $4 million.
  13. I'm sure he is getting looks from other teams who are willing to offer him a little more money. He knows he will be getting more ice time with the Wings in the near future once he establishes a more offensive threat. My bet is that Kenny is waiting for Modano before he does anything and he has let our RFA's know that
  14. Red Wings Making Play for Modano

    Today is the day that the deal gets done. They will meet in early afternoon, Mike will talk it over with his wife, and then he will give the okay in the early evening. DETROITTT GOALLLLLL scored by number _ Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike Modannoooooooooooooooooo.
  15. Red Wings Making Play for Modano

    Hahah funny article about what number he would wear if we do sign him. "Modano has worn #9 for his entire NHL career. That number is synonymous with the Dallas Stars/Minnesota North Stars franchise, but it won't be the case if he comes here. That's because #9 has already been retired by the Red Wings in honor of Gordie Howe---the NHL's second all-time leading scorer. Modano can't add a "1" to #9, at least in front of it. The legendary 19 is also up in Joe Louis Arena's rafters for "The Captain" Steve Yzerman. However, he could go with 91, which was worn for a long time by Sergei Fedorov. Fedorov departed the team rather unpleasantly and there is still some animosity between him and the organization. But, there might be some Red Wings fans that have a problem with it, since Fedorov contributed a lot in his time here. The easiest way to change his 9 would be to double it to 99, but Wayne Gretzky and the NHL might take issue with that. Gretzky's 99 has been retired league-wide, and rightly so. Why not just add a number up to 10, like Brett Hull did when he signed on in 2001? Well, Alex Delvecchio is the owner of #10, and is currently residing next Howe and Yzerman's jerseys. Flip the scenario around and subtract a number and you arrive on #8, which Justin Abdelkader currently wears. Of course, let's use his birthday, June 7! Wait, nevermind, 7 is gone too. Sorry Ted Lindsay. Although, 6/7 could translate into 67."