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  1. bonan78

  2. Versus Announcers

    This please. Why not reunite the best hockey announcers in the history of US television. Also, more Sam Rosen and Joe Micheletti, and bring back Dave Strader and Darren Pang too. Anyone but Doc, Edzo, and Pierre Mcguire. Hate those guys, they almost single-handedly spoiled my enjoyment of the '08 finals.
  3. Shark out of water.

    give Yamaguchi, I mean Setoguchi the frickin medal right now, world-class diving. What I don't understand is not only did he go down way too easy on the stick near his feet, but in the process he nailed Mule in the face with his stick, should have been 2 for diving and 4 for high-sticking. The high-stick call on Filppula was accurate, but he really embellished it too.
  4. Versus Announcers

    Actually, Peckham call for Tampa and Reaugh calls for the Stars. I don't really have a problem with either of them overall, but Reaugh gave us such head-scratchers as "Mastodonic" and "Vaselinity". Plus, tonight they were pretty anti-Detroit, unlike when they called the Phoenix series where they were pretty level.
  5. Any video of the Fiddler hit on Rafalski?

    Seconded, also if anyone can find a decent photo of the hit, that would be appreciated. I tried screen-capping my GameCenter but as you can imagine not the best quality.
  6. 1/29 GDT: Predators 2 at Red Wings 4

  7. 1/29 GDT: Predators 2 at Red Wings 4

    Looks like we might be going right back on the PP, let's hope Stewie is cut on that high stick.
  8. 1/29 GDT: Predators 2 at Red Wings 4

    Goalie interference, anyone? Why wasn't that called?
  9. ^this He has been cleared to play by his doctor, which likely means that the doc feels that the risk of re-injury is low. If he gets himself back into game shape a few days before the Olympics, and someone on the Sweden roster gets injured, then I see no reason he shouldn't get to play, and besides, that would essentially be the equivalent of a conditioning assignment, and the Olympics are not as physically demanding as the NHL (bigger ice, less hitting), so that would mean that if he plays regularly he would likely be back to game speed, which can only help us with our efforts to claw our way back into a playoff spot. Besides, my wife wants to see her favorite player in the Olympics.
  10. Free NHL Gamecentre tonight!

    Because it's not blacked out everywhere else in the world, just in the US. I work for the company that supports GameCenter, and the above statements about blackouts are correct. Tonight's Red Wings game on Versus will be blacked out in the US due to Versus coverage. In Canada (except the Windsor/Sarnia areas due to proximity blackouts), and all other countries (except Europe, where ESPN360 has Center Ice Online), the game can be viewed on GameCenter. Furthermore, if anyone has any questions about GameCenter, feel free to PM me, I can help with any technical questions, blackouts, requirements, etc.
  11. Carter scores off the faceoff

    You are making it sound like it's all or nothing. I'm not saying that the Wings should abandon trying to gain possession on every faceoff, but just like any set play off a draw, there is the opportunity for it to work as drawn up or not. Let's say for example, the other team ices the puck, they have a tired line on the ice, why not try it and see if you can catch them flat-footed? Once again, to clarify for those who think in terms of absolutes: I am not advocating this as something they should do every faceoff, or even every game. I was merely pointing out that if Jeff Carter can do it, our centers could also do it, and I wouldn't mind seeing it every now and then.
  12. Carter scores off the faceoff

    Thank you, that's all I was trying to say. I was simply pointing out that other than the desparation situations, I hadn't seen any Red Wings player try it, although titamium2 recalls seeing Z do it against Boston a couple of season ago. P.S. crossed out the unneeded retaliatory jab. It's just as low a percentage as any other set play off the faceoff, and considering that most teams manage to win draws about 50% of the time, and anything less than 50% is usually considered to be "low percentage", trying to aim the puck off a draw is doable.
  13. Carter scores off the faceoff

    It's not as "astronomically" low as you think, and to reiterate, I'm not saying do it every time, but other than the last ditch situations where that is the only way to get a shot on goal, it could be done in other situations to get a jump on the defense.
  14. Carter scores off the faceoff

    Did you not read my post? I said try it every now and then because it might generate a cheap goal or a rebound that a winger could jump on before the defenders have a chance to react., not do it every time and give up trying to win faceoffs and get possession You're missing the point.
  15. Carter scores off the faceoff

    That was intended as a dig against ESPN, not as Crosby hate.