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  1. 10/13 - Red Wings at Golden Knights - 10:30 PM EST

    Strong third periods the last two nights, outscoring the opponent 6-0. That's something to build on and a sure confidence builder. Also nice to hear Wings fans own another road arena.
  2. Athanasiou Rumor

    Anyone else see that Athanasiou was an answer on Jeopardy?
  3. Niemi did what Fleury did before him, tripped heading out to the ice and then the Penguins get paddled in both games. OK, I laughed at the Hawks dropping a dime on the defending champs.
  4. Goal Horn Devastation

    It sounded like it wanted to be the old horn, but then somebody took all the buttons and pushed them all up to 11 and then recorded it.
  5. Tonight's TSN scoreline of the night, brought to you by Wayne Miller's Deer Jerky Mart off US-31 in Petoskey
  6. A big win for the ballclub tonight. Always good to get off on the right foot. Nice to see the young guys come out with so much energy and lift their play.
  7. Another year of getting the Wings when they play NYR, NJD & Fish Sticks or NHL Network. For the FIFTH straight season Comcast doesn't/won't open a bank of HD channels for NHL Center Ice and I refuse to pay the same price for the package as those who get it in HD. Counting on everyone here to provide me with that top shelf analysis. I can usually get a great feel for how the game is going 2-3 pages and the tragic late losses and heroic late wins are some of the best posts. Game on
  8. It's a crap class. If you want players, you gotta pay.
  9. Targets for the Wings

    I just got off the phone with Robert Lang's agent. He's a no.
  10. 2017 Draft

    We need to start drafting goons and pronto! I don't know, just thought I'd put that out there...
  11. 2017 Stanley Cup Finals: Nashville Predators vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

    Objects in mirror...
  12. 2017 Stanley Cup Finals: Nashville Predators vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

    First period: "Welcome to the show, Meat"
  13. McIlrath is a BIG boy Hasn't played since Jan.
  14. Bob McKenzie‏Verified account @TSNBobMcKenzie 2m2 minutes ago More FLA gives up Dylan McIlrath and a third round pick to DET for Thomas Vanek. DET retains 50 per cent of salary.
  15. More inter-division inter-conference deals anymore it seems.