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  1. Ha ha! A Power Play Goal with a Frk in the box If we EVER play Carolina in the playoffs, Frk in a Box is a must for a Photoshop
  2. This is why we can't have nice things
  3. I liked the Preds more when Boris Badenov was behind the bench
  4. And there was much rejoicing!
  5. Vanek is off to a tip top start BUT he's no Jiri Hudler, not yet.
  6. Jersey Wing

  7. OK, didn't see the game for a couple reasons. #1 it wasn't on here except for NHL Center Ice which now for the 4th year I refuse to buy because I can see NYC out my front window but I can't Center Ice in hi def. Oh, I can get it in standard def but I'll also have the benefit of paying the same price as those who do get hi def in their markets. Thus I REALLY appreciate the game day threads gang, I can get a feel for what is truly happening w good analysis. Also, an.857 save % is no way to go through life.
  8. Ranford
  9. Signed

    Loved this image scrolling through my Twitter feed this morning over coffee:
  10. Signed

    Gus, you should be nervous with Vanek here now. Have a friend who's a Blues fan, he's listening online to their sports talk radio and they realize Larkin isn't coming for Shattenkirk but he's hoping for Nyquist if that gets done.
  11. OK, Mr. Salient here. A week ago everyone loved Holland for dumping the Datsyuk contract into the Arizona desert never to be heard from again. Probably eaten by dingos. The fact they had any money to get a good quality player (yes he's a solid #2 center and hey, would you look at that he can still wear #51) is partially due to the contract dump. Give Kenny a break. No, he didn't sign a player to put the Wings over the top. Know how many GM's in the NHL put themselves over the top with the players available today? Zero. Lucic in Edmonton, LOL Mongo pleeeeeeease. If you're mad at Holland for the money, that set itself up in the previous years of treading water and not being a destination hotspot anymore. That's why you have to pay more to get good players and incredible amounts for great ones. Becoming a slave to the streak and keeping it alive has cost the Wings and it showed again today. There may be more help on the way...
  12. Trade

    If you don't get Stamkos (and I hope they do) 7.5 split up among 2 or 3 other players can add good value
  13. Trade

    Reading Kris Letang's Twitter feed I tend to think he sees the Phoenix pickup of Datsyuk's contract as a joke on Phoenix and their fans: