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    So, Evander Kane...

    Not a trade rumor, that goes elsewhere but what a thin skinned goober, skipping a game because he got into a tiff with teammates (Byfuglien?) because his clothes ended up in a shower? YIKES!
  2. In somewhat adopting a hockey model, lower German soccer leagues are going to experiment with a second yellow card for something like a bad tackle, a jersey pull, diving etc wouldn't amount to a red card, instead the player would be sent to the "sin bin" for a period of time they are discussing. A straight red card would still get you sent off and your team would play a man down.
  3. Jersey Wing

    2020 Offseason

    This article is worth a read, looks at this upcoming year and the Wings going forward. It touches on contracts, draft picks and, well, there's not much else going on hockey-wise so enjoy.
  4. Let's see: Carolina Thunderbirds and Columbus River Dragons at the Winston-Salem Fairground Annex last Sunday Coaches ready to throwdown Player challenging opposing coach Brawl Goalie fight Players leaving penalty box to join said brawl Coach getting shirt ripped off on bench One AMPED up announcer 42 BONUS Seconds of bench-side video
  5. NO BACKSIES! Green out 3-4 weeks with an MCL sprain
  6. The conditional draft pick will either fall in the fourth round of the 2020 NHL Entry Draft or the third round of the 2021 NHL Entry Draft. -- Red Wings Twitter
  7. I just knew that Gritty was a no-good slapdash mascot...
  8. Maybe the Red Wings can start selling Lafreniere jerseys so I can get one for Christmas
  9. If this is inappropriate I'll take my admonishment like a man but I'm running out of ways to express disappointment And you have to remember, someone just drove by and threw a Cleary jersey at him. I think that's how the ad went
  10. I'm a patient man. That being said, trade all the draft picks for goons. Carry on
  11. I could put it on MTV and get better Ridiculousness
  12. I hope if the Wings score a big goal late in the game that player doesn't crawl to the corner and do a fake dog pee.
  13. Let's put the power in the play
  14. Hopefully the Flyers can have yet another "choking situation"
  15. And they score, and they score, and they score
  16. Jersey Wing

    Babs got fired

    Oh I know, just fun to toss that around.