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  1. Win This One For....

    For a Caps fan: 1) Who respects how Detroit plays the game (i.e. pure class and skill) and hopes the Caps can one day have a similar franchise where people stay for less money due to the quality of the organization. 2) Who detests your opponents (Crosby is not regularly voted the biggest whiner in the NHL by his fellow players without reason). 3) Who detests your opponents' fans (they swamp other teams' message boards, gloat regularly, and are all around abnoxious). I recall a Pens fan on this board a few weeks ago complaining about calls in the Carolina series (Pens fans have no right to whine about penalties and why post that here in an unrelated series?). 4) Who living in DC is now in a similar boat of a sports town with little chance of any other sports title (Snyder's Skins, the Natinals, and last place Wiz are not inspiring confidence) and hopes Detroit can have some semblance of good fortune this year. Good luck!
  2. Niedermayer cheap shot and brawl

    For the record I am a Caps fan so my loyalties (and hates) are on the other side of the NHL (i.e. Eastern Conference). I was watching last night and even I got pissed off at the end of that game. Yes, its the playoffs and teams get emotional but here is what I saw: 1) Hossa gets hooked by Getzlaf and the two tangle up. Few bumps/ shoves exchanged. 2) No gloves are dropped and Getzlaf starts swinging (very brave to take surprise shots before the other guy even drops hist stick). Hossa does not really look like he is trying to engage. 3) They are separated. Perry takes the opportunity to tackle and attack a recently injured player (Rafalski) who has a reputation of being a clean player and never fighting. 4) Rafalski turtles (I do not blame him) and Perry continues to throw punches on the ground (enforcers even frown on this). 5) Hossa comes in to pull Perry off (not even violently) and Getzlaf runs right in trying to start again. 6) On the side, Niedermayer (VERY INTENTIONALLY) elbows Datsyuk in the face/head and they tangle. In a nut shell, players with crap reputations on a team with a crap reputation took runs and unprovoked attacks on purely skill and clean players (Datsyuk, Rafalski, Hossa). Maybe Perry and Getzlaf are "skill players" but they are also goons. Yes, fighting is part of hockey. However, Bettman and Campbell's incompetence and inconsistency now allows runs on skill players without fear of retribution. They do not allow teams to police themselves nor do they do any policing (Brown on Hudler was identical to Brashear on Betts yet one was ignored). Personally, I hope the Wings annihilate the Ducks and next season in one random game, they bring up some AHL/ECHL goons and in the words of Lindy Ruff, "Go out and run 'em."
  3. Lidstrom & Datsyuk suspended for skipping ASG

    Before I say anthing else, I will say I am a Czech and a GIANT Caps fan. The reason I am on this board is because there is no team in the NHL deserving of more respect than the Red Wings. I have read other boards where fans were appreciative of how we responded to the Wings Cup victory after the "Accident" in our own town. To let you all know, serious DC Cap fans have the utmost respect for your franchise. As an Ovie fan I have always hated Bettmann. But nothing in me and my brother's love of hockey (we are Czech after all ) has offended us more than the suspension of Datsyuk and Lidstrom. The Red Wings are an organization that despite continued success represent pure class and Lidstrom and Datsyuk are the epitome of that. Go to Hell Bettmann. Unfortunately, the NHL is stuck with an NBA guy. If any of you visit DC, please let me know on this board and I will buy you a beer. I woud LOVE a Caps Red Wings CUP. Yes, I would be gun-ho Caps, but it would be a class, skill game. Best of luck, and us true hockey fans need to unite and remove this swine that runs the greatest sport in the world. GO CAPS AND WINGS!!!