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  1. Unofficial Sergei Fedorov Night!

    Section 207 is the club level and those are primo seats at the Booth, unless you don't like sitting on an end. $65 is a pretty good price; surprising for StubHub. HockeytownRN--yeah, I knew I would hear it a little as I knew the history. But overall, we've gotten good support from most of the Wings fans and it should make for a good afternoon of hockey. I don't begrudge any Wings fans who are still peeved. I've got my little list of players I have issues with as well.
  2. Unofficial Sergei Fedorov Night!

    Sure, that's it.
  3. Unofficial Sergei Fedorov Night!

    Indeed! Caps fans are already on board with the signs and excited about this, too. The graphic for the sign is actually from a design for a t-shirt for Fedorov. When I later asked him if his shirt fit alright, if he liked it, he told me that, yes, he thought it was great but all the other players were giving him grief for it. I asked him what he meant, and he said, "well, they all call me 'walking legend' now." They may say that to him, but the other guys on the team will tell you privately that they are awed that Sergei Fedorov is in their locker room. Makes me smile that of all the t-shirts in this series, his is the most popular.
  4. Unofficial Sergei Fedorov Night!

    Fedorov has seen the sign and was truly touched and humbled by it. If he blushed at seeing a few, imagine how he would react to a sea of them. Thank you all for your feedback and support. It is really appreciated by your fellow hockey fans. Oh, and Broken, your sig ROCKS!
  5. This will be the first meeting of the Caps and Red Wings since before last season's trade deadline, when the Caps traded a unknown prospect for Sergei Fedorov. He's one of the most talented players ever, the highest scoring Russian-born NHLer, and a great guy. With the strong contingent of Detroit fans that will surely be coming to the game, as they always do, we should all come together to honor Sergei for his achievements. I hereby propose Unofficial Sergei Fedorov Night to celebrate his complete domination of all records held previously by other Russian players. Please see the link above and print a copy to bring to the game. Heck, if you can spare ten copies, we can share with all fans our appreciation for Fedorov and what his presence means for the league as a whole. Bring ten signs and hand them out to friends and strangers, fans of both teams, and spread the love! I'm hoping we can fill the lower bowl with these signs for warmups, so come on down if you're there early enough.