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  1. Datsook

  2. Ticket to Home Game 1 available

    I don't know why I posted with my old account but nonetheless this offer is available - please message throught this account.
  3. Any tips on ways to tolerate the NBC media?

    If you have surround sound, just unplug the center speaker - you still get most of the arena/in-game sounds from the rest.
  4. Awesome Pavel Commercial

    Zetterberg: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tBub4t-t4EA&feature=related Draper: Cleary: Pavel:
  5. He split the puck in two!

    For sure legitimate. What if it splits unevenly and the larger size goes into the net...what's the cut-off size? If play should be stopped dead due to splitting - what about pucks that have small edges chipped off does that count as splitting? Interesting. I think the rule is "the entire puck must cross the goal line to count" (or some variation of that) but at what point does one consider the puck entire..
  6. Mickey Redmond and Ken Daniels

    Here's a tip. Only works if you have surround sound (ie 5 speakers). I've noticed 99% of the play-by-play comes out of the centre speaker. So just unplug the centre speaker and all you get are the sounds of the game! It helps while watching Versus.
  7. Game 4 Score Predictions

    Thanks! Feeling a lot better about the game today, hopefully your luck does transfer!
  8. Going to wings game today - break the 'curse!'

  9. Game 4 Score Predictions

    Don't mean to be all pessimistic, but I've gone to four wings games the last year, and they've all been blow-outs (ie getting rocked in buffalo and toronto this year). The bad news is I'm going to game four today! And I really hope my 'curse' on this team is over! If it is, wings win 3-1, otherwise wings will lose 6-1 and osgood will replace jimmy in the 2nd period. (I'm not really superstitious I just don't like my track record!)
  10. Wings RBK Jersey from China

    Hey, http://www.ems.com.cn/english-main.jsp That's the shipping website they use. You can plug in the tracking number below... EE200708038CN (this was my last order of 6 jerseys) So as you can see they were shipped on the 16th and were released from customs (Vancouver, Canada) on the 25th. They were at my door (Ontario) by the 28th.
  11. Wings RBK Jersey from China

    YOUR country I'm Canadian. How much do you owe to China again?
  12. Wings RBK Jersey from China

    http://www.jerseys0917.com/index.asp That's the new website. www.jerseys-nhl.com or whatever the old one was doesn't work anymore. You can email him @ shuangwu11@yahoo.com.cn and ask him for a stock list. He'll send an excel file with all the jerseys/sizes and how many in each size he has. Give him your order and then he'll send you an email to send money to via paypal or western union. The email he asks you to send it to changes from time to time (I've ordered 3 times from him and sent money to three different emails). But I consider him trustworthy seeing as the first two times I received the jerseys before my money transfers went through! Good luck. I just made another order today (Team Canada - Richards, Leafs - Schenn, and Sabres - Roy). Will post a link to pics if any is curious.
  13. How frequent do you guys go to games?

    Lucky! The wings are 0-3-1 for me... this includes both the buffalo and toronto blowout this year
  14. 11/7 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Maple Leafs 5

    I'd like to quote my post from the buffalo game... Well guess what. SAME **** THING HAPPENED TO ME TONIGHT AGAIN! It's like I'm a bad luck charm, I'm never going to go again!
  15. 10/24 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Avalanche 3

    http://www.freep.com/apps/pbcs.dll/gallery...Params=Itemnr=2 picture tag fail