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  1. Why people hate the Wings

    The Red Wings are the model franchise for ALL of sports not just hockey. We keep our prospects that we placed money into and trained, we create and atmosphere of winning and sportsmanship. The fact that other fans cant say that they respect us for what we have done, that we have cheated our way into a cup, and that i am turning 20 this spring and the winged wheel has only missed the playoffs once in my life time. '90 Grant us respect and then give us crap, or talk trash, or w.e. Hate us but give respect because the players, organization, and fans give it to everyone else also. I might be disgusted by the attention Crosby gets but i know he deserves it.
  2. Kovalchuk ends Ovechkin-Malkin feud

    They can still play hard and hit hard and still compete for their "best russian" award without negative comments, dirty hits and what not i just think its good for them to move on from head hunting, with AO does againist Malkin, to just competing. Edit: It might take a little of the spice off but i personally am ok with that. I hate watching unnecessary hits/dirty play and what not. It doesnt establish anything in the long run for a team, Anahiem got a cup then fell off the map and the Avs hit on Lids before the playoffs last year made us bring up Darren who i think helped a great deal in the playoffs, plus i just like watching him skate
  3. Rafalski or Hossa - If you had to choose

    Easy decision for me. Won the cup without Hossa, can and will do it again. And also offense might win games but defense wins championships, president cups are nice but ill take Lord Stanley's mug any day.
  4. The "Suspensions"

    i got an error on your link.
  5. The "Suspensions"

    Honestly i dont know if i am happy with that. We are easily the best team year in and out in the league and Lids is the best defensive player and overall just an outstanding person comments like that dont reflect well the team well or the league. edit: forgot a word, by bad homes
  6. Kovalchuk ends Ovechkin-Malkin feud

    This is good for hockey. An on top of that dont expect either of them to lay off the gas. They both professionals and will be still hitting each other hard, just not in the head hunting way which isnt good for anyone. Good find i was driving so i missed the All-Star Game/Weekend when i saw the two of them pull the hat stunt i was like...what happened
  7. Ovechkin=NHL's Real Ambassador

    This is one discussion i have with my pen fan friends all the time. Best player in the league, face of the league, & why the pens suck so much with so much talent... Though the problem might lie in the fact that people who are Pittsburgh anything fans think that they are the best no matter what. AO plays like he enjoys it and is having fun, who cares if he show boats he deserves too. On top of that, i dont know if anyone else has stated this, but he plays good solid physical hockey. He might not be a the best defensive forward, we all know who the top two are by far in the league, but he hits like a &$%*in tank. He plays hockey the way it should be. Cindy is a great player but he is always looking for the extra pass, or the extra move, instead of using his great shot and taking over games like he can. I guess besides the fact that everyone it seems like is dating Cindy I feel he isnt living up to his potential, and that is why i think is unnecessary for the lovefest be so high. When it comes to the face of the NHL, Cindy is mr. nice guy, right guy, and i think he has a lot of weight on his shoulders, and that might explain why he is looking for the highlight move, shot, or pass.Other sports dont have a face of a league, its outdated. The NHL needs to learn to promote the player, team, or story of the moment along with having the All-Star Players. Grab the best story at the moment, everything that has hockey fans saying holy @#$! and run with it and get the league behind it. Take time to get the players to not only discuss and diagnose the game they played, but for them to have opinions on what else is going on today in the league, if that takes some clinics then that is fine. Also it might help if we start getting the girls who distracted AO at the all-star game to Bristol, Conn. and get on the good side of ESPN, cause hands down hockey is the fastest, hardest hitting, hardest to play, and best game to watch but Americans just need some help understanding the game. Looking at a hockey game it is very hard to follow it on the tv if you know nothing about the sport. Red Wing fan going to Ohio State, so i am getting my student discount ticket throwing on the away Draper jersey and watching me some hockey Go Wings