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  1. rtkoss


  2. Yes you can cash out. I've done it a billion times.
  3. Debating on it myself, calling when I wake up.. 300 dollars to meet the wings sounds like a deal http://redwings.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=513613
  4. rtkoss

    Get Kronwalled

    I feel like this isn't very orginal. http://www.hulu.com/watch/1415/saturday-ni...ing#s-p11-sr-i2
  5. win a championship ... and then n conn smyth... and expect that much money lol? imo i think the twins are holding van back from winning.
  6. rtkoss

    Detroit to offer Hossa long term deal

    some of the people on this forum really annoy me in how stupid they are.... why the hell wouldn't you want hossa on your team... so he had an average playoff? did datsyuk have a better one... he only missed a few games... lets not forget the leading scorer in the regular season. we sign hossa for 6 mill.. i would be happy as hell. We need some motivation on winning another cup anyhow. stop knocking hossa...
  7. rtkoss

    Getting Tickets outside of JLA

    for game 1 of the first round.. i got 2 front row tickets for 50 bucks each... face value was 220 <3 black pplz
  8. rtkoss

    Lilja wants to play

    always been a fan of lilja... want him in.. just hope he aint rusty. but in reality land.. not gonna be in for the rest of the year.
  9. i seriously thought the same thing lol.
  10. http://www.mlive.com/redwings/index.ssf/20...ent_to_red.html video inside omg... hilarous
  11. rtkoss

    Is Anaheim Cheating?

    please delete this thread.... like wtf? not trying to be mean but it just makes us look bad.
  12. rtkoss

    Promise me this Wings Fans

    this reminds me of sidney crying to zetterberg last year... shut and stay on your own forums... so sick of other pens fans coming here talking crap or crying... or trying to get themself some attention.
  13. rtkoss

    Huge ratings for the Wings Blackhawks Game 1

    I dont really find chicago as a rival after last series... you gotta remember .. to become a rival you have to win against the team?????? What you see now is a big bully of your hawks... not a rival... win the series and then bring the talk back. Fierce rival LoL... try Big Mean Bully.
  14. rtkoss

    Rafalski practices for the first time in 12 days

    I feel as if I'd want him to sit out this game... don't risk injury... but at the same time I want him in... I'm so torn! He prolly has a lower body injury anyhow... prolly groin... hopefully hes 100%. They always lie about injury!
  15. rtkoss

    Chicago Columnist: Blackhawks should want no part of Wings

    the "Russians" to our 1980 USA team. lol??? apparently michigan turned into russia