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  1. Frans is pumping you up
  2. It would be nice to be the less bad team of the 2 bad teams playing tonight good start so far flash that leather, Petr!
  3. I guess it's a little before 3pm eastern tomorrow
  4. maybe if someone told Sheahan the Gummy de Milo is being kept in Andersen's goal he might actually find the back of it
  5. gonna have to get in line....
  6. off of Ericsson again blah
  7. I wanna see anybody on the Wings do SOMETHING! ANYTHING! PLEASE!!!
  8. the Wings lame mentality sometimes reminds me of Rick Moranis when he played a defense attorney in Ghostbusters II, and as he's getting shredded by the DA, his only response is, "C'mon, we're both lawyers!" I wonder if Blash often looks over to the other team's bench and thinks, "C'mon, we're both hockey coaches! Why you gotta be so mean and make it hard on my team?"
  9. what do we need them for? we got Abby and Miller!
  10. I didn't think we'd score 3 goals tonight, what with our offensive issues and both Vanek & Larkin being out gotta hold on for at least the loser point Please don't lose until at least OT, Wings! (this could become our new mantra)
  11. yeah, they should've known better on that one spent less time on it than they would have if they'd just taken the timeout proper
  12. imagine if AA got more than 13 minutes a game....
  13. without Datsyuk to inflate Abby's offensive abilities, he'll remain grossly overpaid until his contract ends Holland will, of course, keep pointing to his precious intangible qualities that somehow make the deal fair Cal Clutterbuck isn't complaining, though, I think his agent used Abby's terrible deal as a template for his terrible deal
  14. and there, in a nut shell, is the benefit of having Jonathan Ericsson on your team gotta take the mostly bad with the occasional silver lining