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  1. Griffins Calder Cup Playoffs Thread

    But what about poor Miller, Helm, Glendening, and Ericsson? Where would they all go? They're such great guys who bring so much energy and other invaluable intangibles that are worth copious amounts of $ and contract length! But seriously, congrats to the Griffins on a great run! Very nice bonus to win on home ice, too.
  2. 2017 Stanley Cup Finals: Nashville Predators vs. Pittsburgh Penguins

    well, too bad Nashville couldn't force game 7 at least the Pens don't get to celebrate on home ice (again) but if they three-peat I'm gonna vomit

    now we can only hope the Sens can somehow pull themselves out of their own asses and somehow force game 7 against Pit, however unlikely or at the very least take a few Pens down with them go Perds
  4. 2017 ECSF Washington Caps vs. Pittsburgh Pens

    stupid caps damn penguins all we have left to hope for that would be mildly cool would be to see an all Canadian finals but with our luck it will be the two teams no one on these forums can stand
  5. 2017 WCQF: Nashville Predators vs. Chicago Blackhawks

    it sure does suck to miss the playoffs, but the Hawks crashing and burning so spectacularly brings a grin to my face; bye, hawks! biggest (pleasant) surprise of the first round
  6. on a 50% functioning knee, yippee oh well by now none of us have realistic expectations of making the playoffs any time soon just hope it'll be entertaining to finally let the kids play and the vets sit
  7. eh, just thought since he was a Michigan native and all and those were a great 5 games lol (I think I remember the first game he played vs. Anaheim and he scored about 5 mins in, then it was all downhill from there)
  8. as I said earlier, incredible turn out of former players, but a few notable absentees I can think of: Draper, Larionov, Hasek, Fetisov, Kozlov, Modano, Lapointe, Ward, Macoun, Hull, Robitaille I'm sure they all had better places to be? anyone else with any notable no-shows?
  9. man I wish Scotty was still consulting for us
  10. was hoping Larionov would've shown up or done the video message thing ah well, incredible turnout overall
  11. most important stat to take away from this season: we are undefeated when Riley Sheahan scores a goal (or 2) great send-off for the Joe! hoping for better things next year Go Wings!!
  12. and Z with an assist!
  13. that was my exact response
  14. better late than never, Riley!
  15. Let's Go Wings!! send the Joe out in style!