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  1. well we definitely stole one tonight that's what having an average goalie can do for you, Mr. Lombardi
  2. Just like Ozzie back in the day vs. the Whale
  3. What could possibly go wrong?
  4. when's the last time we actually scored during a 5-on-3? seems like forever...
  5. Wow! of all the forwards I would have imagined to score tonight....
  6. You think Jersey might consider trading KFQ? Holland still has his 1st rounder for next year....
  7. I feel bad for Howard. He has strong numbers at MSG, but a bad record b/c no one else ever shows up for some reason. Win one for Howie! (so we can trade him away)
  8. Yep. Is it weird that every time that happens, it still reminds me of Hossa's "goal" against the Ducks in '09?
  9. the Wings really want the Rags to score here, sheesh
  10. datterberg1340

  11. The more I think about the Helm signing, the more it pisses me off. It stinks of another of Holland's 'sentimental signings'. We didn't need him with both AA and Mantha being ready, and the only guys that don't have contracts right now for next year are Miller, Ott, and Vanek. I hope Vanek has a good year, but if he does, it will only encourage Holland to hand him some ridiculous contract that will clog up our forward lines even more and further stifle the development of our supposed 'youth movement'.
  12. Now, now, it's way too early to start making sense. It'll take management at least 10 games before they realize Miller is useless, another 10 ten to admit it by benching him, which of course by then will be too late. I feel sorry for AA and Mantha, although he at least is getting to play instead of sitting in a press box while his lightning fast legs atrophy until he's as useless as Miller. Yeah I'm bummed about this game alright....
  13. signed

    don't forget 'stupidity', 'futility', and 'liability'!
  14. not too bad a way to get rid of Pavel's cap hit, I guess
  15. maybe Kenny can get 'em to take Howard off our hands while he's at it