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  1. talex

    10/3 Pre-season GDT: Pittsburgh Penguins at Red Wings

    Anyone have the stream links for the game?
  2. talex

    Samuelsson looking good at 2.5 million

    Sammy scored 1st to goals of Cup winning year, remember that sweet rap around to start the series... Sammy > Bert and Definately > Williams who (god willing) will not be a wing next year, not even as a 4th liner. As for Sammy <> Hudler... well I liked Sammy's RH shot and at least he shoots. Not so good 2 way. I would love to have Sammy right now, to many lefty's out there, they need a > Willimas RH shot. at 2.5 I am not as sure, but it seems like it is a solid price for what he offer's, he can break a game open and score timely goals. To late to worry about it now, hopefully Bert takes off the too-too and puts on the carharts and gets something done...
  3. talex

    How will this series end predictions

    If the Mule shows, we win... No Mule... No next round.
  4. talex


    Draper adds experience and you do not see his line making nearly as many mistakes as the other lines, he always seems up on the forecheck and you can feel pretty good a safe when he is out there that there will not be mistakes, that is a great thing for a grind line. It would be nice to see his line score a bit more, but Draper is doing a good job, I will say the same about Malts, not many mistakes that cost at crucial times, although it is time for at 1 to move on and I think that is happening. Draper is an excellent leader and has an amazing conditioning routine which shows the young guys what it takes, they need to keep him in, next year as well and then take a good hard look at things then, if the kids are ready to play mistake free 90% of the time then it will be time for Drapes to hang them up, but not until then, we need mistake free players on this team, not fast mistake prone players. I say sit Willimas when Abby can come up, then possibly Bert unless he starts to do something, Bert can be great but when he is cold, he is a big liability, does not score and cough's up the puck way to often.
  5. talex

    Does Holland have the courage to tank this team?

    I don't think anyone said they wanted Maltby back, in my post I simply said I feel more comfortable with him in the game when we have a lead then say Ericsson, my point being that Maltby is not and never was a scoring machine, but we know what he can do. I have seen post calling for burning down the house , there are several all over MI Live today, my point was that Ericsson was one of our young and fresh guys, Leino was also this younger white knight and so far what have they done? Even Helm has not scored in a month, so why does anyone think just because we get a young guy with potential that it will make any difference at all? The fact is we have some known commodities we can build around and I will stand by keeping Draper and Homer and Lids another season or 2, and Malts should he decide to stay as the bench warmer would not trouble me, especially if we could 2 way him. Abby hit people but we did not win any more with him then Malts, period. There have been many times this season I wished we had Cheli around because our D seems to lack leadership, nothing sgainst Nick, but I think it's obvious. Having played sports looking around and seeing guys with Names like Chelios mean more than we can imagine. It is my belief we need to do something fairly quickly while we still have this core, get some (not a ton) of kids in who can take the torch from Lids, Malts, Drapes and Homer to play it forward, Z and Dats are not going to be able to do it on their own, we need that group of supporters to buy into the Greatness, we do not get this group now it could take years once this core retires. I believe they need a pure goal scorer and a D-Man to clear the front of the net, I have also stated I do not think Franzen is this goal scorer, but depending Lilja could be the D-Man to clear our crease, time will tell there... The talent to win is still here... Right now more than anything Babbs seems to be lost, clearly the team even with the injuries has the talent to still win, many of these loses are 1 point games and maybe injuries make up for that, maybe they don't... they would surely make up for some and probably put us above the line for a playoff spot, that said I do think babbs needs to take some of his own medicine... "it's called coaching, isn't it great?"
  6. talex

    Does Holland have the courage to tank this team?

    If they do which I do not think they will (burn down the house) they will have indeed spit in the face of all that is this stretch to date, the Wings have not maintained excellence as long as they have by burning down anything, it is by keeping a solid core and wrapping decent enough talent around that core when someone has to go. I have been saying this all along, especially to those who want our veterans to all go away. Maltby is not scoring, but does not make alot of mistakes and is a great penalty killer especially under pressure. Draper is falling off but is still one hell of a face off man and plays hard every shift. Holmstrom is still the best in front of the net, so don't expect him to be Helm or Z or Dats, he is Homer - OUR HOMER and they play a helluva lot better with him than without, sign him next year even just for a power play specialist, get him off the 1st and second lines maybe, but for crying out loud, they score when he is healthy and in there. Lidstrom is still better than 95% of the D-Men, his O has suffered, but Babs refuses to split Z and Dats up which makes the Wings Much easier to defend against by rolling 1 really dangerous line. The Mule will be the Mule, he may or may not be the scoring god we hope he will be upon return, however we know he will be a solid player and would have turned the tide in at least a few of the 1 point loses we have suffered through this year. There is a need for a pure goal scorer and a Big D-Man that is not afraid to bust a guy in the chops and get oposition players out of our crease. We cannot expect our Maltbys, Drapers, Homers and even lids, z and dats to always to play like yesteryear forever, but what we can do is know what to expect from them as a solid core and use them in roles we know they can and will deliver in, Drapes on a critical face off and to kill time and lead a 4th line grind, Maltby to give that attitude and block shot and show poise under pressure, Homer to use his every extremity including his deriair to deny opossing goalies vision especially on the pp, these are things we can bank and continue to build upon. We already have some great young talent to put a torch to the boards, Filppula, Abdelkader, Helm, and yes even E if he can turn it around. The way I see it, some people will have to go for one or more reasons. Raf to me would be a good choice if possible, 6Mil would have been a Hossa or a Kovie... This team would not be where it is now with a Hossa or a Kovie, especially with Mule in, many of those 1 point loses become wins in regulation. I agree with the OP, no need to burn the house down, it just needs a window or 2 replaced. Many on this team have nothing to prove to anyone, whether it be the remainder of this season or next, they have something to prove now and in nearly 20 years... time and again, they have proved all doubters wrong, that is the Redwings and may they continue the march of excellence that we have all taken with them via our minds, hearts and souls.
  7. talex

    IF the Wings DON'T Make the Playoffs

    30% at this point would be my guess.
  8. talex

    IF the Wings DON'T Make the Playoffs

    1st, there is a slight twinkle somewhere in the darkest deepest depth's of fandom that hopes this does not come true, that said... I don't get how all the people on here want to blow the entire team up and bring up a bunch of young guys for the sake of?????? maybe being a playoff contender in 2 to 4 years? Does not make sense to me especially considering the fact that the wings have been a mix of mid to old this entire incredible stretch. I think they need to make some moves, but not a blow up. For all the calls to drop Maltby I feel strangley comfortable with him on the ice and a lead but terrified everytime I see Ericsson out there when we have a lead, draper, maltby and homer might be older and slower, but are far less prone to mistakes. If Maltby retires I will say a fond farewell and thanks for the memories in a sincere way, Draper and Homer on the other hand I hope do not leave. Draper for being an animal as far as work etchic and still a great faceoff man who also adds leadership and Homer, well because he is homer and the team plays better with him, Homer is worth keeping even as a power play specialist to clog the front of the net, he is / was? not leading the wings in goals even missing time by fluke, he cannot skate or battle like he used to and I think the Wings need to adjust to what he can do, not drop him, especially with no viable replacement. Moving Leino was a good start, but not nearly shocking enough. I think they do need to move a bigger name (Stuart, Rafalski) - I know they have NTC but wonder how it work just to waive them to free up their salary and bring in someone fresh to the team, could they do this? If not I am sure they could in the off season. I don't know if Ericsson is 2 way or not, but he needs to head to GR, to Phil with Leino or sit or something, potential does not win games, playing does. Here is what the wings need other than some heart and a wake up call. A D-Man that will clear the front of the net. A Pure Goal Scorer, I know, I know Franzen, but he was never a pure goal scorer until last 2 years and we can only pray that he continues this. Stay Healthy. This will give them a shot as they rotate older players out, blowing the team up will certainly give us a crap shoot which I personally would rather not try, keeping a mix of verterans and youth is what has made the Wings.... the Wings, I say they stick to the formula, but they definately need to stir the pot. just my opinion, 1 of many.
  9. talex

    2/6 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Kings 4

    shake it up time. if possible to get his salary off the roster, waive rafalski (only because he is 6mil) pick up a good forward and a large d-man that can actually clear the net. I don't think this move would hurt the team at all but it would certainly send a message that no one is safe. if they can, send Ericsson down to GR. wait, nothing is going to help these guys they already have the talent to win, yet after a string of blown leads and losses they still lack the heart to press and hold a lead, nothing they do is going to help this situation and only a miracle will see this team to the playoffs. not bandwagon, just being a realist, injuries do not cost blown leads, lack of heart and determination do.
  10. talex

    2/6 GDT: Red Wings 3 at Kings 4

    Franzen and Lilja cannot save this team, no drive to press a lead at all. Ericsson at this point can join Leino in Philly, this team does not need guys with potential, it needs guys who can play NOW. Raflaski blaming the wings position completely on injuries is a joke, sure it aided but it is not the sole reason.
  11. talex

    2/3 GDT: Red Wings 1 at Ducks 3

    babcock needs to split up Dats and Z for crying out loud, we keep rolling 1 scoring line when we could easily roll 2. Dats and Bert do well and we have homer back as well so those 3 on 1 line. Z and Cleary have always done well, so add Eaves or Filppula to that line until Franzen comes back. 2 Scoring lines and much harder to match up against than Z, Dats and Bert all on 1 line... With always rolling at least 2 good scoring lines being a trade mark of the Wings success I have been confused all year as to why babcock keeps loading 1 line when we have the talent to roll 2 dangerous lines, all's it is doing is putting more pressure on Dats and Z not to mention making it much easier to match up against the Wings. Oh well.
  12. talex

    Trim 2 million

    Well for my part I would first try to get Eaves and Miller locked down to some type of decent 1 or 2 year extensions at a good cap hit, I really would not want to loose either of those 2, but I would want to insure before we go waiving anyone at this point that at least those we kept were going to stick around awhile, I would hate to see what happened with Sammy, who from what I understand was waiting and waiting on something to happen with Hossa and got pissed off and decided to walk, I am not saying Sammy was exceptional but we certainly could use him this year and he is far greater than Williams. I would hate to lose either of them, but with the way this season is going I would make sure of the 2 mentioned before dropping anyone.
  13. talex

    1/27 GDT: Red Wings 2 at Wild 5

    This is really starting to feel like the end of a great era, it is sad and I hope I am wrong, but we have 1 legend left in Nick and I doubt he will stay if this becomes the norm. For the 1st time it seems like the young guys do not feel the special status that has been part of being a wing... I think it is time for Holland to stop with the we are all set talk and start with the we obviously need to make some moves talk even if he does not mean it, make some of these guys at least play hard so they have more trade value. I thought all those talking about trading x,y to try and get Kovie were nuts, I am starting to re-think that because this team seems to need a major shake up... Dats has not been the same since last years injury and Z although still playing good on D seems to have been figured out by opossing teams. Lids is still good, but not what he once was by far on the O end of things. Man this team Misses Homer, we need his get to the net, stay at the net really bad right now and we need someone else to learn this asap. I am afraid not even the Mule can save this team now... Bettman won his little game, now all teams are equally s***ty save those in cap trouble, so just wait a year or so, they will be s***ty very soon... That's the gloom and doom in me. The Optomist in me thinks... We still have Dats, Z, Lids, Homer, Drapes, Mule, Flip, Cleary, Helm and now Bert... surely this is a cup contending team, be patient... problem is each game is like close your eyes this is not for the weak.... time will tell, I hope the optomist wins...
  14. talex

    1/26 GDT: Coyotes 5 at Red Wings 4 (OT)

    1st I would hang a big sign above the entrance to the rink. RedWings, the most successful franchise in sports for the past 18 years. Are you the team that ends it? Second, Sit Ericsson especially in the last 5 minutes of the game or put him on the 4th line forward and tell him to learn to hit. I think he should be punished a game or 2 and forced to sit, he has been as bad as Leino. 3rd Definately give Howard a break, if I was that kid waiting all these years to get a shot on "The Mighty Wings", get my chance... playing my ass off and had this team in front of me, it would not take long to lose heart, we have NO-ONE willing to clear out the front of our net and that is the problem, Homer takes more s*** in 1 minute of a game then we dish out in an entire game, it is pathetic. 4th Stop putting Dats and Z together for CRYING OUT LOUD! Sure you can do it when you can roll a good 2nd line so the opposition has more than 1 line to contend with, but for the life of me I cannot figure out why babs keeps doing this, Dats and Bert have something good going, so keep those to together, Z and Cleary play well together, there's you base for the top 2, add homer to dats line and pick any of Eaves, Miller, Williams, Player X until Franzen comes back, then move that player down a line, I cannot believe babs has not done this consistently yet. 5th If you have the lead in the last 5 minutes, call a friggin timeout for no reason and tell these guys that there are still 5 minutes left, pull the frikin Goalie with the lead and tell them to tuff it out with 6 men, make them play hard for a few minutes just to wake their asses up... don't just sit there and wait for the net to crashed and the tying goals to drop... do something. and finally, what a s***ty last couple games this has been, since NY anyways, very dis-heartining.
  15. talex

    What do you have autographed by NHL players?

    I have a 2002 Mini Goalie mask autographed by the entire team...